Top 10 Disney Fails & Animatronic Malfunctions Pt 9

Top 10 Disney! Get ready for some funny Disney bloopers with part 9 of Disney fails & Animatronic malfunctions from Disney theme parks in Walt Disney World in Florida & Disneyland in California. Get ready to learn about Disney audio animatronics while we take a look at animatronic malfunctions & Disney Animatronic Fails! With these highly complex and technical robots, issues are bound to happen and sometimes when Disney rides break down there are plan B’s ready to go right away! DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄


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  1. Scott Cawthon : No problems for MY animatronics

  2. Don't hurt me Mr olaf

  3. 11:59, 12:19, 12:27

  4. LOL that animatronic was having a full on seizure! I shouldn't be laughing cause their not funny for real people but I think in this instance its okay to giggle just a little.

  5. when i went to disney with my friend i splash mountain broke down on use and it was my friends first time riding any ride :/

  6. Yeah, the hydraulics in The Auctioneer’s legs MAY have failed. But more than likely he probably had just a little too much rum!!

  7. Nope, I didn’t see a animatronic malfunction but I believe someone in haunted mansion did because when my family and I were on it stoped and we were stuck but the animatronics near me were still moving.

  8. I like talk about disneys

  9. triton is a old man and old men shake and I believe i have seen a animatronic fail

  10. 5:08 "Fox Breaks Down" a "Chicken dosen't move and somehow vanishes" and an "Animatronic is missing"

    "this is a Fnaf Reference to me"

  11. the shake looks freaky its like a invisible monster is going or inside her 😖😖😓

  12. I dunno. Am I the only one finding the Elsa standing there waving at guests looking a little bit creepy? King Triton isn't shaking, he's freezing! The water is cold!

  13. h-h-hi f-f-freinds lets watch this vi- vi-vi-vi-vi-vi mounfunction 💥💥💥💥☠☠☠

  14. 11:52
    She's literally possessed. What do you mean TPMVids!

  15. Triton man you gotta lay off the pufferfish

  16. One time at Small World, all the music cut out and all you could hear were the sounds of the dolls moving around, just weird clicks and clacks

  17. Buzz losing his hand is unsettling

  18. Else looks super smug when the ride breaks down. "Hahah stop looking at me. K bye."

  19. No joke the ones who shake looks like me having a seizure!!

  20. On small world one of the hula dancers was working perfectly with her eyes back in her head not blinking ahaha. Put with the small world music it was pretty creepy

  21. Yeah the mr. potato head anima Tronic I forgot what happened but I’ll try to remember I think his hand fell of or something

  22. 4:49 That eye Was freaking me out.creeping me out like White eyes.

  23. 2:55 When Your homework is too many and you’re on Night,so u sleep first. o-o

  24. nobody:
    not a single soul:
    not even god:
    not even satan!:
    the kid: HoNdA?

  25. The “Olaf Skellington” malfunction doesn’t look that bad or horrifying, tbh.
    It makes him look like his eyes are made of coal, which is a very common trait for most snowmen. Frankly, I kinda think he looks cuter like that (with coals for eyes, not missing eyes, I mean.)

  26. 5:13 those people are in trouble

  27. Coment down below if you got stuck on Pirates of the Caribean for 1 hour and 30 minutes. '-'

  28. It took for him to explain what was wrong with the first animatronic for me to understand what was wrong lmao im blind

  29. Damn that animatronic in Spaceship earth was going through a hell of a possession

  30. what one I going to win 🤔 6:55

  31. what kind of background music do you use

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