Top 10 Disney Documentaries to Watch If You're a TRUE Fan

Top 10 Disney Documentaries to Watch If You’re a TRUE Fan // Subscribe:
These are the Disney documentaries to watch if you are a TRUE fan. We’re taking a look at documentaries, as well as docuseries, about the history and impact of the Walt Disney Company, not to mention the countless artists who helped shape it into an everlasting beacon of magic. You don’t know Disney until you’ve seen these docs. MsMojo ranks the Disney documentaries for TRUE fans. What’s your favorite Disney doc? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Who else has cried watching both episodes of The Imagineering Story so far? 🙋

  2. I always knew that my favorite animated film, "The Little Mermaid", rescued the studio from going down the pan and ushered in a new era of Broadway quality movies with music written by some of the truly great Broadway composers and lyricists. Without Ariel, we'd have no Belle, no Aladdin, no Simba, no Pixar.

  3. I love “Life, Animated.” One of my favorites though is the PBS documentary on Walt Disney as part of their “American Experience” series.

  4. Very very great fun list I like it a lot and a lot of fun too great job mis mojo one of my very favorite list ever

  5. I knew Waking Sleeping Beauty would be number one on this list. It's also number one on AniMat's top ten best animated documentaries.

  6. I knew Mickey had a co creator but I didn’t know his name

  7. Waking sleeping beauty has to be my favorite documentary

  8. Life, Animated features autistic young man like me?! How did I not hear about this before today? I gotta find it

  9. My mom and I watched Life Animated together. We cried a lot. I highly recommend it.

  10. I JUST watched The Imagineering Story

  11. Disney + is the best thing next to Netflix and I don’t think that ppl will see the light of day after getting this subscription 😂

  12. Y’all know what you should watch…

    Frank And Ollie

  13. i saw the thumbnail i said waking sleeping beauty better be on here

  14. I have watched some of these documentaries! I highly recommend Waking Sleeping Beauty! I wonder when the Howard Ashman documentary is supposed to come out.

  15. I think you missed another documentary called Walt before Mickey
    It’s honestly one of the best Disney documentaries I’ve ever seen apart from that amazing video

  16. Modern Marvels: Walt Disney World
    The Disney Parks documentaries
    I would also love to see a Kingdom Hearts doc.

  17. Notification said
    TOP 10 disney documentaries to watch if you're a TR….

    legit thought it was TOP 10 to watch if you're a TRANSGENDER

  18. This a great vid💗❤😉

  19. Shame about all the antisemitism…

  20. I thought you showed Waking Sleepy Beauty in the honorable mentions 🤔

  21. I love you Uncle Walt Disney

  22. Man these documentaries r amazing.

  23. I have Walt the man behind the myth on dvd

  24. Walt the man behind the myth is my favorite

  25. I have watched Waking Sleeping Beauty and the Sherman Brothers Story countless times and I always am a teary mess by the end. Such good documentaries. I'll have to look into a few others I had never heard of. Thanks, ms.mojo!

  26. saw a few already ;]

  27. makes a video of the top 10 songs of the Violetta series

  28. I love The Imagineering Story so far, made me cry. I could watch Bob Gurr shoot some hoops all day

  29. "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse."

    — Walt Disney

  30. Do you know what this means? I have to leave everything I was planning to do this week and start watching these documentaries.

  31. Thank you once again Miss mojo. 💞💕🌹🥰😍

  32. Now I’m wondering how many black animators are at Disney now?

  33. True Disney fans UNITE

  34. Number 1: Disney will buy United State of America.

  35. I'm a true fan.👍

  36. Who's been a BIG fan of MsMojo before 2019??

    👇gifting next 86 loyal subs🎁

  37. Nina shoulda been Blac Chyna

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