Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss (Part 9)

Here’s a list of the top 10 discontinued food items we miss. This is part 9 of our discontinued foods we miss series, where we count down the food items we wish would be brought back!
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It’s crazy to think of how many amazing food items have been discontinued over the years. If a genie were to grant us three wishes, we would definitely use at least one of them to bring back one of our long-lost favorites. The issue would be choosing which one… Let’s head back down memory lane for the Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss Part 9.
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0:25 Eggo’s Banana Bread Waffles
1:24 Coke Blak
2:36 Pac-Man Cereal
4:09 Fruit Corners Fruit Bars
5:21 Carnation Breakfast Bars
6:28 Jell-O 123
8:05 Uh-Oh Oreo
9:27 Fruitopia Drink
10:45 Ice Cream Cone Cereal
12:17 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles McCain Pizza
– Eggo’s Banana compared them to banana bread, but these Eggos were probably more similar to banana pancakes.
– Coke Blak was a coffee-flavored soda.
– Pac-Man Cereal made its debut in 1983, three years after the game’s introduction.
– Fruit Corners did eventually come out with Fruit Roll-Ups, but, before that game-changing development, there were Fruit Bars.
– From 1975 to 1993, people everywhere started their day with a Carnation Breakfast Bar.
– Regular Jell-O isn’t much to look at, but Jell-O 123 was basically gourmet.
– Uh-Oh Oreos has two vanilla cookies, with a chocolate creme filling.
– Fruitopia is still available in Canada and Australia but has been discontinued in the United States since 2003.
– Ice Cream Cone Cereal came in three different flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate chip.
– Since pizza is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ food of choice, the creation of a TMNT McCain pizza was an obvious play.
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  2. Hiya! It's me again i am just saying that the coke blak is not really delicious for me good thing it's discontinued

  3. I’m here before 1K likes! 😂

  4. My discontinued food item was a cereal called Pretty Princess PP which had dried green apples, dried strawberries, cashews, etc but it got discontinued due to low sells. 😞

  5. Ice cream cone cereal was great

  6. general mills has recently started making ice cream cereal again in the form of Drumstick cereal. same concept different shapes.

  7. Hmm I thought it was Oops Oreo? Where'd I get that idea I wonder? lol. I completely forgot about Fruitopia until I saw this video! How far are you guys going to go with these? I liked this one!

  8. Hello party people I want to see you on the dance floor

  9. You know you can get two Oreo cookies packs one vanilla and one chocolate and make your own uh oh Oreo cookies

  10. Uh oh Oreos were weird! The chocolate didn't taste right.

  11. Coke black was fucken gross

  12. Actually there is an expired froot loops cereal straws in my grandma's room (she passed away sadly)

  13. I tried Coke Blak one time, when it first came out, and I hated it! It was so horribly bitter! I usually prefer Coke over Pepsi. But, 10 years before Coke Blak came out, Pepsi had a cola & coffee drink called Pepsi Kona. It was hands down my favorite thing to drink and I literally drank it EVERY day, while it was available. Unfortunately, it was only around for about a year, and only tested in the Philadelphia area, where I'm from. Apparently, others either didn't like it or more likely never even bothered to try it, because I don't know anyone else who even remembers it. So, apparently, Pepsi didn't market it nationwide, because it didn't do well in the Philadelphia test market. It was the perfect blend of cola & coffee, and wasn't at all bitter like Coke Blak. If Pepsi ever brought back Pepsi Kona, I'd drink it every day again.

  14. OMG… the guy that played Isaac (the child preacher) in Stephen King's Children of the Corn was in the commercial for Fruit Bars!!!
    I miss chocolate and chocolate/vanilla swirl Jell-O pudding pops. Freezing Jello-O pudding cups isn't the same. Believe me… I've tried.

  15. I can buy fruittopia… in America… tomorrow if I want.

  16. i remember the commercials for Uh Oh Oreos, certainly one of the funniest commercials i ever saw.

  17. If you want Pac Man cereal just buy lucky charms and close your eyes when you eat.

  18. Omg the nostalgic foods. They were so good 😍 (besides coke black not gonna lie)

  19. Good video.
    Though I've never tried these discounted foods. Gotta say though that Sunny D really been inspiring, the girl who drank too much Sunny D has made her Skin turn yellow was terrifying and awsome! Awesome/ got to know what if someone drinks to much Sunny D. ✊✌

  20. The Funko Pac-Man cereal is NOTHING like the cereal from the 80s. To start with the Funko has NO marshmallows. Id say something about better research but heck just look at the picture of the Funko cereal you used. Stevie Wonder could tell there's no marshmallows in it.

  21. Do Harry Potter books from worst to best

  22. I miss the coffee creme Oreos. Those were awesome. Not too sweet, not to strong. Perfect. Also the TMNT hostess pudding pies were just stupid good. They should have been awful, they should have been disgusting, but they were just out of this world I was addicted to them when I was 11

  23. Where can I find coke blak?

  24. Coca cola blak that taste like dark coffe is so absolutely disgusting

  25. The only reason I remember Coca Cola Black was because Jay Leno did a segment on Tonight Show called "Truth In Advertising." He brought out a six pack of the soda and said the TIA name would be "Never Stop Urinating."

  26. Coke Blak was awful. No one wants carbonated coffee!!! Yes I did drink a bottle!!!

  27. Dang these look good

  28. Miss Minute Maid limeade😞

  29. Hopefully they will come back

  30. I remember watching the Uh Oh Oreo commercials as a kid. I miss them.

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