Top 10 Depressing Video Games Worlds

Video games may be a form of escapism, but some take a different route. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Depressing Video Games Worlds. For this list, we’re taking at worlds that make for fun gaming experiences, although we’d never want to live there.
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  1. Mars from Doom? Raccoon City from Resident Evil? The entire universe of Star Wars during Darth Vader? It is a big list of missing ones

  2. 5:17 The Combine didn't the occupied the Earth. The other Aliens did

  3. What was that thing at the end

  4. Any game set up in warhammer 40.000…

  5. "Sera is a earth like planet that enjoyed a long rain of peace until emergency day." What are you talking about?! it's emergence day not emergency day DUMBASS!

  6. Yall must never played played heavy rain I have never played a game with so much emotion

  7. First thought was Reach.

    The whole plot of the game was Reach was falling! I think that's depressing enough besides the deaths

  8. Not even an honorable mention to Left 4 Deads version of the US?

  9. Dantes Inferno was pretty depressing.

  10. #11 Rapture- Bioshock series.

  11. Conan Exiles- literally trapped in purgatory.

  12. ow come on yharnam or anywhere in bloodborne was more depressing than any other place on this list it's easily more depressing than dark souls Lordran even

  13. What’s the point of even watching the video then if you just skip stuff? I’m glad they took them out because of people like you

  14. I know Inside made it on the list, but if you ask me then Limbo is the worst of the two Playdead worlds to be stuck in

  15. Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1 better be on here

  16. Half-Life 2's world was the most depressing in my memory. Still remember a lot of thing. Usually I skip those depressing/ lonely environment based games. But for aome reason I couldn't stop playing this combaine occupied world.

  17. These worlds aren’t depressing at all! I actually want to live in a few of them

  18. Silent Hill is on №10…. Ok, boomers

  19. Death Stranding? Killer rain that fast forwards everything it touches, humans being forced to live underground, BTs everywhere, too much chiralium in the air for planes to fly, humans having to be cremated or they go nuclear and make huge craters, terrorists trying to cause a mass extinction, a woman in a red dress causing it all that lives in another dimension only one person in the world can get to, hell this should have been in the top 3 at least.

  20. Why did worlds like the Post-Green Poison world of The Division or the City of Dunwall from Dishonored not get at least an honorable mention?

  21. NIER is pretty depressing to me, you strive to help out humans that were never really there in the first place. It’s just androids fighting for a false cause.

  22. Yharnam bloodborne
    Rapture bioshock
    Forgot the place in dishonored
    Germany wolfenstein
    And earth this war of mine

  23. No. 1- Joey Drew Studios

    When everything went down for Joey, the only thing enters was the walkers and bendy itself.

  24. They never saw the world after kefka ruined it…

  25. 2:49 Electric, not electronic.

    2:53 Kudos on your pronunciation of "Mako".

  26. Missed deadside, Shadowman (N64).

  27. Bruh boarderlands, that place fucked up

  28. Hollow knights world is pretty depressing

  29. How Is Nier Automata not here?

  30. Bioshock and Bloodborne should be on this list.

  31. Hell?! Is #6? Okay mojo…

  32. What about the Wolfenstein Sirius

  33. 3:20 Chick magnet

  34. I expected the abandoned Earth of Nier Automata. It's a beautiful game but the large empty Earth gives such an eerie feeling.

  35. Here are some other choices: Yharnam (Bloodborne), outside the vaults (Fallout series), alternate time-line United States (Wolfenstein series), Phobos (Doom series) and Vice City because…well…it's essentially in Florida. So, yeah.

  36. Inside was one of the greatest games i ever played!

  37. I expected WH40k, depressing, because it's pretty dark.

  38. Oka so having a neo Nazis group thriving in such a wasteland is pretty depressing which sure fallout doesn't have but then again fallout takes place in North America from what we can tell so maybe we just don't KNOW about existing Nazi groups PLUS all the other kinds of groups of people u run into in the fallout series I think far outweighs Metro, with people worshiping an Atom bomb, ghoul cities, the raiders plus the fact of shit like giant roaches and scorpions like c'mon. Granted I haven't played Metro myself I've seen some gameplay but I personally feel fallout is on top when giving closer inspections. That's my bias lol
    But oka another game NO ONE talks about that is COMPLETELY UNDERRATED is a game called Jericho, look it up, buy it, play it. I think it's only on Xbox 360 but it's an amazing game with a crazy twisted world with religious tones n disturbing imagery n gives some pretty decent suspenseful moments at times. The actual story itself would be better if it was more fleshed out but the gameplay n scenery is pretty interesting the battles aren't half bad n it's a good couple hours long.

  39. Depressing is waiting a decade for a game and then seeing the latest release is vr only….oh and not the game everyone wanted

  40. 8. No wonder why it's the most darkest Final Fantasy game of the series. The remake will make things more darker.

  41. The world of danganronpa? There are the killing games that 16 high school students are forced to participate yeah, but on the outside world, it's basically chaos because of (spoilers) which was caused by (spoilers) who is also the reason these killing games exist. Also don't forget the (spoilers) whose creation was also thanks to (spoilers). Really, (spoilers) is the real reason the world of danganronpa is a terrible place

  42. I wonder why real life isn't here

  43. Every single fucking one

  44. Hell? Really?

    Must be a slow day in the office huh

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