Top 10 Deer Hunting Mistakes

The best way to learn how to hunt deer, is by paying attention to other hunter’s mistakes and deer success stories. While there is an endless supply of deer hunting tips online, in print and on cable TV hunting shows, I have experienced that if you learn what NOT to do first, it will really help narrow down your hunting efforts. Are you ready to take your deer hunting efforts to the next level? Then make sure that you avoid these top 10 deer hunting mistakes…

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  1. Great advise Jeff!!! I enjoy your videos n your knowledge!! Maybe one day I could get you to come to Georgia n help me figure out my property. 1000 acres Let me know if ur interested? Thank you sir


  3. I've watched bucks and does smell my pee. Built fires, smoked…..freezer is full.

  4. My issue is that I have limited time on heavily pressured public land. I'm in the woods when I can….whether it's a good time or not.

  5. Nice videos. I've never hunted in a blind or in a stand. I've also never seen grass so green in a hunting season. The way folks are walking in your video I am not surprised you are making noise. When I walk in during the dark I walk quietly and slowly. The amount of noise made buy the sole of the boot against the ground is much more than made by anything else, and that has a lot to do with ground moisture levels.

  6. I learned when young, the clothes you going to wear, wash in clean water. Then place it in a bag with the materials such as leaves, grass. Try blending in with area. Take a shower a night before or early next morning. Don't use any soaps or body scents. Drink water and eat apples or oats. If hunting with other hunters around, I move in about 9 am and stay till 3 pm. As hunters are leaving or entering, they will move deer around

  7. 11 stands 2 blinds 30 acres, Due the math folks. At most these stands/blinds would be 200 apx apart. I hunt one area on my farm of 10 acres and I have 9 stands up and on average I kill a really nice buck every 2 years. Nothing under 150 do we shoot. I bounce from stand to stand everyday. And I am hunting almost everyday for the first 2 months and I use no sent cover. I figure being there everyday they get used to my smell and this must be true, because 5 other guys hunting this farm rarly see a deer and have yet to kill a buck or doe in 5 years. Their areas are 10 to 40 acres and no one has more than 3 stands up and they all use sent covers and fancy gear.

  8. You guys need to try to hunt our black tails you will be frustrated you can't pattern black tails.

  9. Subscribed 👌🏼

  10. I live on 75 acres of land and it is also where I hunt, unavoidable driving in and out of the land. I guess the best strategy is when I get up in the morning to hunt to make sure that I don't drive out to my blind in the morning, but walk?

  11. Never knew so much went into hunting deer. It intimidates me.

  12. I’ve killed the biggest bucks standing on the ground or sitting on a bucket under a tree . I kill one doe on doe day if I can if I see a long horned spike I kill him because that’s all he will ever be and if he does so happen to mate his offspring have a high chance of being only spike other than that I don’t kill anything less than a 8 point trust me let those young bucks go as hard as it my be to just let a deer walk on by do it i promise his daddy or older brother ain’t far behind him there’s a reason that 8 10 12 points have those big racks and spreads because they are old and wise

  13. I hunted for ten minutes this year and got a nice buck, no scouting no prep, no scents no calls no stand no o hunting clothes SMH

  14. This is great advice, IF you have access to lots of land, allowing you to have multiple stands, have large monetary resources to purchase equipment, freedom to spend complete work weeks on managing deer property. If don't have all of those resources, this advice isn't that helpful.

  15. I hunt on public land…

  16. I got my biggest 8 pointer this year I went hunting for him for 8 days 29hours in 4 different tree stands but he was always one step ahead of me so I went out on a Saturday morning at 3am and took a entire different route to my stand and sure enough he walked out at 33yards and I hit a liver shot I think the trail I was taking to my stand he was always watching me so when I switched it helped me also I agree with you always wait a hour before going to find a deer especially if you think u wounded it

  17. How is every one season going I shot 1 doe 2 weeks ago and 1 in archery I couldn’t find

  18. I enjoyed your video. Very helpful and I learned a few things. But, I appreciate you trophy hunters too. That leaves me more small bucks and deer to have fun hunting. I like to have fun and my wife and I just want some deer chilli! YAY!

  19. Great insights buddy I can tell you been in it awhile your knowledge speaks volumes keep it up bud👍

  20. Enjoyed your video.
    Deer hunting has been commercialized to the point it's almost absurd. Blinds, exotic camo, scents, ATVs, high tech firearms with top heavy optics…Trail cams….I don't know…Old Timers (not that long ago) hit the woods with a wool hunting coat, decent pair of boots and a 30-30 or 12ga they bought down at the local Sears/wherever.

  21. I want everybody that watched this video to not make the mistake I made. Do what he said, if you don't see the deer drop dont go in to look for him immediately. Wait. I shot a 11 point buck we had on camera during the rut 2 years ago, I immediately got down from my lean to and went in the thicket looking for him because I was so excited, I saw him with my own eyes jump up and run away leaving a thick blood trail. I trailed that buck for 6 hours, he had crossed a bayou twice and still continued to bleed, then the blood stopped. I went the next day with my buddies dog trying to find him but we never did. I still to this day have dreams that I found that buck, please don't make the mistake I did.

  22. Hey man good video lot of good information good tips I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences what has taken you use months decades sitting in the cold and the rain sweat hoping wishing he come out you given us all the do's and don't in a conversation that means a lot thanks for sharing The proof is in you the pudding on your wall

  23. First video I’ve seen on your channel… that being said, GREAT content!!!! You’re a real hunter and a gentleman! Keep up the good work man! Instants subscribe

  24. I just noticed the trail camera behind you 15 mins into video lol

  25. My dad and I hunt on 1,000 acres and we park at the gate and walk 600 yards to the blind

  26. There is no shame in training and learning and getting your technique accuracy skills up…i dont know why most hunters are so arrogant to learning new methods or fixing their mistakes

  27. I need to download this and save it. FOr I must be the worst hunter on the planet. Be hunting 20 +years, never shot a deer. Frustrating after awhile.

  28. I totally disagree with the morning vs evening hunts.

  29. Me and a buddy like seeing how long it takes you to insert how long you've been doing a particular thing, when you first started doing it and how many clients you have…Just saying, for all your regular viewers….we get it already…you've been a big buck slayer since the early 90's etc.

  30. Most of this is opinion.

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