Top 10 Decisions That Ruined the Movie

Check out our featured song: “The Truth” by Standing Eight!

These are the top 10 movie decisions that backfired. We can only assume the filmmakers and studios had the best intentions, but the results didn’t meet expectations at all. For this list, we’re looking at decisions that were made in a film’s production that alienated audiences. Since these decisions figure heavily into their respective movie plots, there is a spoiler warning now in effect. From sewing shut Deadpool’s mouth in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, to subverting all expectations in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, these movie decisions definitely backfired. Are there any bad movie decisions that backfired that should have been on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Check out our featured song: "The Truth" by Standing Eight!

  2. The decision that ruined Zoolander 2 was the movie itself being made. It was one of the most painfully bad movies I've ever seen😷🤒🤢🤮

  3. Stop pushing shitty music on us every video

  4. Hobbit a trilogy was a good idea the book series too long

  5. I am Legend? I like I am Legend, and Green Lantern suit suppose to be glowing spandex suits can’t glow like Green Lantern’s suits can

  6. How can you call Lion King(2019) live-action?

  7. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? That's awesome! Sewing his mouth shut….I will destroy what you love most as you have done me…

  8. My one question: what sort of definition do people use for the word “ruin”?

  9. The Lion King 2019 never should have happened. It was a mistake from the very beginning.

  10. I agree with Fox's decision on Deadpool tbh

  11. Oh the fight at the end of MoS was awesome

  12. Your lists stopped being original long ago. And now you are making me listen to a song I have no interest in? Time to unsubscribe.

  13. Watching luke throw toss the light saber makes me wanna punch Disney right on its stupid mouse face

  14. What's with the dumbass song?

  15. (Sees a mouth less Deadpool) FaTHeR?

  16. Its funny that Ryan Reynolds would make a good Hal-Jordan Green Lantern but that CG suit is crap and the movie was a giant heap of steaming garbage

  17. I loved x men last stand I didn't like the 1st two I thought the Phoenix was the big part of that movie not the mutant cure, which is y it's one of my favorite cuz the Phoenix is one of my favorite heroes

  18. Hollon nuhuh , the lion king WAS BEAUTIFUL

  19. So basically, everybody tried to copy Marvel's formula. 😂

    And I still like Spiderman 3, Man of steel, I am legend, and X men: The last stand. Idc idc idc

  20. I know this movie serise (made up only with two movies) sucks but Percy Jackson Annebeth isn't blond in the first movie

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