Top 10 Darkest Moments In Kids Anime

Children’s anime can be really messed up sometimes. Join Ashley as he counts down some disturbing moments from kid’s anime like Pokemon, Digimon, Sonic X, Medabots, Monster Rancher, Yo-Kai Watch, Beyblade G-Revolution, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Digimon Data Squad, Digimon Tamers, and more! These are the most terrifying kids anime scenes like Jeri’s Nightmare, Stoutland’s Death, and the Medabot War! Trust us, these are the scariest and most depressing scenes in anime!

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#10. The Dark Ocean
#9. Chris Gets an AssKicking
#8. Jibanyan’s Death
#7. Brooklyn’s Breakdown
#6. Tentacool and Tentacruel
#5. Kaito’s Death
#4. Kurata Purges the Digital World
#3. ???
#2. ???
#1. ???

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  1. What about that time in Bakugan when everybody died?

  2. Good list! But… just because a situation is sad, doesn't necessarily means that is dark.

  3. The wonderful world of kids anime. Am i right?.

  4. Of course once again these ret*rds keep ignoring Inazuma Eleven

  5. Digimon Tamers was made by the dude behind Hellsing Ultimate.

  6. this is why those famous animes now a days are ruined. Yes, i 've seen all that in my childwood.

  7. In #9's defense, NOBODY liked that Thorndyke bastard. HE'S THE REASON WHY THAT SHOW SUCKED! Not gonna lie, I rooted for Shadow on that episode

  8. Also every episode in Yu-Gi-Oh 0

  9. 👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

  10. Stoutland’s death did have a happier addition later.

    After Litten evolved into Torracat, he reunited with Stoutland’s spirit and got to show off his mastery of the fire type moves he once struggled with.

  11. digimon is my fave to

  12. even kids anime don't pull punches at the feels

  13. I honestly cried when I saw that Sun and Moon episode. The leaves were a great build up to such a sad ending. RIP Stoutland. I'm sure it's proud that its Litten evolved into an Incinaroar.

  14. Stoutlands death was incredibly deep and dark indeed. Sun and Moon did a good job with him.

  15. Its Revisited in Digimon adventure Tri

  16. I'm offended that the death of Shun Kazami's mother from Bakugan Battle Brawlers was not here. It was only in Japan, but it's a good one.

  17. This is why you just have to watch these anime as close to the source as you can, not dumbed-down-and dubbed on broadcast/standard-cable (network) television, where paranoid advertisers with their faux-family-values have become the de-facto moderators and censors for the sake of the almighty-dollar (disclaimer: not condoning allowing young children to watch mature content, but would rather leave it up to their parents to decide). I always favored Digimon over Pokemon too, it was just a little more grown-up and had more emotional depth than Poikemon.

  18. #9 should've been 10. Idk it's so weak and you could hardly call that an asskicking. More like a " I'm gonna push you far back now "

  19. 1. Almost every ending episodes of any precure series

  20. I'm still surprised that 4Kids showed these really dark episodes of Digimon especially that scene featuring Genocide! Yet they didn't show the rest of the Dark Ocean story, that's just confusing.

  21. You forgot to mention that Kaito’s younger brother and father watched pretty much all of that duel?

    I know the last arc of Zexal has a death (or multiple deaths) like every two episodes but there’s something extra traumatic about your family watching as you die.

    On a related note, poor Yuma. Like this is the fifth death he’s seen in a very short amount of time. Like over the video link he saw III and V die to give him time to save the world, then Alito, then Girag and now Kaito over video link. I know other people have been dying around him but he’s explicitly seen these deaths. That’s gotta be hard on a 13 year old.

    Edit: I know the dub ruined like half of the deaths but others I would have considered just from that Zexal arc IV’s death, III/V ‘s death (they went into that duel assuming (arguably knowing) they were going to lose but did it to give Kaito and Yuma time), Durbe/Rio’s death, Vector’s death, Mizael’s death and Ryouga’s death.

  22. The children-oriented anime are so unnatural, and that these scenes are always altered and edited out to remove anything scene that are harmful and disturbing outside of Japan, even Kite/Kaito's Death scene in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL is omitted and never mentioned in the dub at all, and they never mention on what happened to Kite/Kaito.

  23. Dislike for calling these kids anime

  24. Can someone tell me what anime or cartoon I remember? It started out all innocent with a peasant family, but then war broke out (could be American Civil War). They packed their most important things and ran off. Then they tried to find sleep, but they could hear the explosions coming closer and see fire on the horizon. Later they come back to their burnt down village and try to salvage what had survived the mayhem…
    I remember how the kids reacted to their charred stuffed dolls.

  25. The Chris buttkicking scene was epic!

  26. And yet, gargaros is still the krampus of japan.

  27. Oooooo…….. very scary

  28. I remember watching digimon when i was a kid and enjoying rapid fire puns and other cheesy banter, what the hell happened to that series to make it so terrifying. the animators must've accidentally seen a glimpse of the dark side of Digimon fan-art o.0"

  29. In the dark ocean Kari is also told she's going to be mated with by the Digimon to make stronger soldiers

  30. every death in digimon is cruel af so maybe the should have been on the list

  31. Oh man I completely forgot about Meta Bots.

  32. I think the moment when meets furat tine kurama was the scaryest moment ever . Well i was 6 year when i Haven seen this on CartoonNetwork .

  33. OMG if you do no have the creepy Amy face in this I’m gonna be mad

    From sonic x

  34. Digimon is pretty underrated tbh because when people hear Digimon they just think it’s another Pokémon show

  35. Jesus, that last one… Yeah, if I was a kid that would have scared me pretty badly.

  36. "just before Ash became Poke-Jesus" Haha that was pretty funny

  37. #9 -Also, never gotten a straight answer: why do so many Japanese broadcasts have a huge fucking clock in the corner??

  38. #10 – And in the origional they meant "Queen" in a more…… insectoid sense.

  39. Sabrina from pokemon ….. just saying

  40. Number 10 is actually worse than many people realize, as the original Japanese version of the Dark Ocean episode actually revealed that the main reason the Divermon wanted Kari was to mate with her so they could amass a large enough fighting force to fight off their master.

  41. Team Rocket invented dynamaxing.

  42. "Ash gets turned into stone." Except that Satoshi wasn't killed. The Celebi death is still true, just with the fake-out.

  43. ooof the stoutland episode killed me D,:

  44. Dude. Digimon WTF?! I remember there were dark moments but god fucking damn it!!

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