Top 10 Dancing with the Stars Disney Night Performances

Top 10 Dancing with the Stars Disney Night Performances // Subscribe:

All that was missing from these Dancing with the Stars Disney Night performances was the Beast’s actual ballroom. We’re opening the dance competition’s Disney Vault and looking back at the performances that will forever be cemented in the Dancing with the Stars’ hall of fame. Time to unleash some Disney magic on the dance floor. MsMojo ranks the best DWTS Disney Night performances. What’s your favorite Disney Night performance? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I have mixed feelings about Disney night. Because she chooses to stay single, I'm never going to see my favourite character, Merida, included. Oh if only somebody could prove me wrong!

  2. 0:36 is that Zendaya in the back??

  3. Honestly, James Van Der Beek's Paso for Pirates of the Carribean was better than Riley's. Sue me.

  4. What about how does she know you love her. That dance was amazing.

  5. 0:36 is it Zendaya in the background

  6. willow shields & mark's alice in wonderland. It was Time burtons movie to the T. So underrated!

  7. 7:30 is that BriTney!?!?

  8. This could of been a better list I mean where is JORDAN or RUMER

  9. ummm…Rumor and Val Ursala routine.

  10. Yayy Ally and Sasha's Contemporary not making the list would've been a crime , atleast it made the honourable mentions

  11. This a joke right?? Riker and Alison's Paso shojld AT LEAST be number 2

  12. Watched this alley to make sure Normani was on this list as she deserves to be

  13. How did Jordan Fisher’s foxtrot not make this list at all!? He literally danced to his own song and then went on to win the whole competition!

  14. Riker's Paso deserves to be the top.

    How about Jordan's Foxtrot? Deserves to be on the list!

  15. Ok, but the Top3 it's a No for me! (except for Normani, i love it!) KSKS And how Nastia's "Love is an Open Door" is just a special mention?! c'mon she was the best Anna on the entire Show for me!!

  16. Do one for Halloween please 🖤🖤 Witney's contemporary for both season 25 and 27 deserve a spot on the list! Her s27 contemporary with Milo is number 1 for me.

  17. Switch the places of Juan Pablo and Heather and we're good to go. I'll also add to this list Kel Mitchel's High School Musical jazz, Jordan Fisher's Moana quickstep (how this didn't make the list?), Lindsey Stirling's Pinocchio waltz, Kate Flannery's Mary Poppins quickstep and Paige Vanzant's Toy Story quickstep (how this didn't make the list also??)

  18. Charlie's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

  19. I'm sorry but Jordan and Lindsay's Foxtrot to You're Welcome is way better than Simone and Sasha's contemporary to How Far I'll Go

  20. YES RIKERRRRR AND ALLISON omfg was waiting and yes top 5!!

  21. How is Ally an honorable mention. She only got good scores because she was always getting pity scores out of the judges since she said she was bullied because of her lack of dance skills. Which was true. She has improved but no one from this season can be compared to celebs from other season’s.

  22. Ayee! Nyle made the list! That’s all I really care about! LOL 🤗❤️

  23. Ok… Where was Danika and Val's Quickstep to Be Our Guest????

    And why is Moana #1? Tho I love Simone, this was overrated

  24. Derek and Nastia? Jordan and lindsey? Rumer and Val? Sharna and Charlie?I would definitely prefer this four to some of the ones in the list

  25. Should do a ton 10 DWTS freestyles that includes James & Peta, as well as Amber Riley & Derek Hough.

  26. I remember I actually yelled the first time I saw Simone do the first jump into Sasha's arms. So amazing.

    I hated how she was treated for the whole season. If she smiled it wasn't enough. If she didn't she was equally screwed.

  27. Ally and Normani, they made it beautiful, I love their presentations, I can't choose a favorite

  28. I was looking forward to seeing James Maslow on this list

  29. riker's should be waaaaaaaaay higher.


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