Top 10 Cursed Programs That Will Haunt You

Top 10 Cursed Programs That Will Haunt You
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We know that computers are smart, with algorithms in place they think faster than a person. Plus I feel like everyone can say they’ve been beaten by a robot playing chess at one point or another. But AI keeps getting smarter, and things that can come out of it can be weird or full-on mindboggling. Today I’m going to be giving you a list of the Top 10 Cursed Programs That Will Haunt You.

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  1. Number 4, a person feels they can tell it ANYTHING. Of course they do, the person they're talking to is essentially themselves, so psychologically a person feels they can be completely unguarded in what they say. But… Who else is listening? Who is taking notes from a persons most private thoughts? How long before anything you say is admissible in court?

  2. No.1 suddenly 'Early Edition' theme playing in my mind LOL

  3. WHERES Rebecca 😭😭😭😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔

  4. Seriously thought Abbey was Rebecca's sister til she started talking.

  5. How come everyone on this channel speaks with the same speech patterns and emotion behind it. It gets very dry, monotonous and boring. I just can't enjoy watching anymore. It's like any real personality from these people has been erased and replaced with a fake flaccid noncommittal presence. it can be creepy.

  6. Bot : asks me a question
    Me : does devination to see if its a real human or not.
    (Finds out its a bot)
    (Chat ended)

  7. ‘DARPA’ DARPA Chief from metal gear solid?

  8. WHY HUMANS?! WHY DO YOU ALL HAVE TO DO CANNIBALISM! and inside of games i mean, don't take it to personal

  9. Wait, soooo how tf are these ‘cursed’ ????

  10. Ok who the hell is this? And no English accent? Boooooo lOlz

  11. I really enjoyed this video I feel like you are becoming more comfy doing this. I can't wait to see you when you are totally you and have lost all nervousness! good video love xxx

  12. She pauses too much and doesn't look comfortable……….i feel sorry for her

  13. I want Rebekah back she was better

  14. Another great video hosted by an adorable girl. ❤️ You honestly look so much like Rebecca Felgate. 😊

  15. The most unpredictable thing someone can do is nothing

  16. Uhhh excuse me but who are you? 😄

  17. But could the fake news program be as good as the Onion

  18. Abby, women don't need to be jealous of robots. We've had them for 60 years. It's men that need to be jealous of robots.

  19. Subscribe to me if you miss rebbeca 😭🤧

  20. Who is this 👿 where is Rebecca

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