Top 10 Cursed Clocks That Must Never Stop

Top 10 Cursed Clocks That Must Never Stop
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A clock is an instrument used to measure, keep, and indicate time. The clock is one of the oldest human inventions, meeting the need to measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units: the day, the lunar month, and the year. Devices operating on several physical processes have been used over the millennia. However, some of these clocks have been cursed and if they stop ticking it could be disastrous. This is the Top 10 Cursed Clocks That Must Never Stop.
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  1. Love her 🤣 she's funny as heck

  2. Oof the kid being crushed by the gears is just sad. I pass by that school almost every day and I can tell you that my school also has a similar clock, as well as a big bell on the top of one of the buildings.

  3. And never be near me, since I somehow make clocks stop with my precetns…

  4. i love your sweater!

  5. wait number 5 Susie Campbell bendy and the ink machine anyone

  6. Funniest vid ever love it

  7. So how do you know he didn’t tell his friend about it. If they was friends then I bet you he told him, that don’t sound like friends if he didn’t.

  8. No stupid even if you was late at being born, you was alive in ur moms stomach. You a goof just like ur late.

  9. Most annoying presenter ever

  10. humans cannot agree on one thing altogether

  11. Hey There..with all that ticking and moving you got me in a trance please state your next command

  12. Susie Campbell is the voice of Alice angel in bendy and the ink machine, and she also has a tape recording in it! Ilumanoty conformed

  13. I still have a iPod 🙁

  14. I LOVE how the hosts' sweater matched the background of the trees ! ! ! !

    ( Ya know, the color ! ! ! ! ).

    COOL ! ! ! !

  15. Never thought I could enjoy a video about clocks but dang you did it dear lady

  16. Please stop her from talking take her off of my recommendations

  17. It's a good thing our clocks aren't cursed otherwise we would be screwed also our clocks don't have alarms well except the ones in my mom and brother's rooms


  19. Please do New Hampshire urban legends

  20. I want an Ayman clock to tick tock in my living room.

  21. How did a video about clocks scare me

  22. I own so many mechanical clocks. Its bound to be one is haunted

  23. Oh my god! When you said no at the end in the bloopers part you literally sounded just like mel. B from the spice girls. Lmao you had me in tears.

  24. My city got a shoutout in this the wirral whoooo

  25. I had a clock next to me while I was watching this

  26. do better on these some of those stories are bs

  27. Her accent makes my day😂😂

  28. The Doomsday Clock. It shows how soon we are to the end of the world. Hope it never strikes midnight.

  29. That was Soo cute btw

  30. LMFAO, you had a lot of fun doing that tick tock sway didn't you Ayman? 🤣🤣🤣

  31. Me looking at my clock like 😐🙁

  32. "Can confirm." Hahaha Ayman, do you watch Letterkenny?! Hahaha

  33. 4 faced Hoe, damn now that's inbreeding

  34. Awesome sweater Ayman!

  35. Exactly when you said 4:03 it was 4:03 on my clock.😪


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