Top 10 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries – Part 4
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Top 10 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries – Part 3 😱

These mysteries will for sure creep you out. There is just too many out there to fit it all in one top 10 list. Do you think they will ever be solved. Get scared as we give you the Top 10 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries – Part 3.

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  1. Ren Inuyoshi Reply

    Bro this is the first time I’ve heard of Mississippi on any of the creepy lists are on any lists in general.(Also I just love to creep myself out with you guys videos)

  2. Jon Dalrymple Reply

    Walter collins "the changling" great movie great story, must see

  3. NavelAviator Reply

    @2:15 did you really just say it was ridiculous to accidentally shoot someone? While I don't think she was accidentally shot in this case, it's VERY possible to accidentally shoot someone… GOD I hope you were being sarcastic.

  4. Hanna Thompson Reply

    Do not play a drinking game every time she says any name you will die

  5. Just found this channel watched like 10 vids….. I love u btw your cute 😂😂😂

  6. Number 3 is one i have seen on other videos and is one that ive thought alot about

  7. Isidore Lumiere Dharmaatmaja Reply

    The thumbnail's actually just a cute beluga with its melon bulging forward

  8. MystiqueHorizon Reply

    MANY shooting deaths are accidental, I think the larger part of them are children accidentally shooting themselves or someone else,, 🤷

    Clearly the bodies of three family members,,, but the picture shows 2 adults and 2 children.. 🤷🤷🤷

    But where the hell was the crew? Rebecca should've yelled ALIENS!!! 😂😂😂

  9. I love your intro cause anyone telling me they hope I'm having an awesome day always makes me smile.

  10. Mack Cardinal Reply

    I don't get why everyone puts those Brazilian dudes in the lead masks in their videos as a "mystery". There's basically no mystery there, besides not knowing exactly what poison they dosed themselves with. It's exactly like the Heaven's Gate cult believing that their spirits will be taken aboard a UFO after committing suicide. The masks and everything else are just some weird part of the ritual. Everything is even outlined step x step in their notes…..

  11. I Like Dark Humor Reply

    I think Lars had extreme anxiety and couldn’t take it so ran In the woods and committed suicide

  12. Penelope Views Reply

    Wait, the guy her parents found her with was a creepy necrophiliac? And he wasn’t arrested for it? News flash y’all, necrophilia is illegal.

  13. Am I the only one here who thinks listening to Ayman's voice is just absolutely therapudic? 😍

  14. Mr.PoZiTiV4iK Reply

    Hello! Give me a subscription: If you subscribe to me, then I will subscribe to you !!

  15. The creepiest unsolve mystery by far?

    The other pair of good socks I keep losing

  16. J Games Power Reply

    I am 10 years old and I love scary I saw the The Cungry one and two and three

  17. I love Ayman, buuut the string on her hoodie distracted me the entire video… 😂

  18. Robin Donnelly Reply

    I had heard of the men with lead masks. Great job Ayman, as usual

  19. Переходи на мой канал там есть видио на эту тему

  20. Thomas MacDonald Reply

    I'd be more apt to believe #2 was a sartyr, or possibly even Pan (except it doesn't appear any one was sexually violated); Hell it'd make more sense that it was the Krampus than "the Devil".

  21. Gacha disaster Reply

    The reason why I don't like holding guns cause I might shoot someone.

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