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Now that we’re all older, you’re ready for these crazy facts about child stars. We’re looking at odd, unusual, or striking facts about child stars, past and current. The facts may refer to their period as a child star or as an adult. MsMojo ranks the craziest facts about child stars. What are some other fun facts about child stars? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Mary-Kate and Ashley is not identical? That information is new to me. Enough said.

  2. I wonder how much the Harry Potter kids made, even for just the movies from while they were still minors… something tells me they beat the $1 million 😂

  3. Joshua Desautels Reply

    I've heard of fraternal twins, but I've never heard of sororal twins.

  4. That's interesting and all but do one about how child stars got ripped off by their parents and or had to emancipate themselves so their parents couldn't spend all of their money!

  5. adamzuritacastillo Reply

    how you didn't mention Mara Wilson's tragedy while filming Matilda

  6. Andrea Smeelie Reply

    You know just because Frankie Muniz has forgotten most of his life as a childhood star including Malcolm in the Middle because of his mini strokes doesn't mean that he isn't fond of the show or what he has done. Can you really blame him for forgetting those things? He had mini strokes! He can't help it! So don't judge him over an issue that he has.

  7. robert kristiansen Reply

    Why was that dude rubbing her butt in the part about The Goodbye Girl?

  8. I love ms mojo. Anytime I've had a more challenging day I come home and watch ms mojo videos! It's the best mood lifter ever!

  9. nicolelylewis Reply

    Yep, I knew that about the Olsen Twins….even though they did a song called “identical twins”. They’re fraternal, yet I could never tell them apart; but the Sprouse twins are identical and I can tell them apart…lol

  10. Diamond Myers Reply

    Okay! That Selena Gomez and Demi lovato one blew my mind…
    Those girls are cool, actually.

  11. Kaysee Coward Reply

    I remember seeing those Shirley Temple Classics Commercials and wanting to be like her

  12. Somber Stricken Reply

    Love Malcolm in the middle. I wish you guys would do a list covering funniest moments.

  13. Bri Martinez Reply

    Iiiiii did not know most of these… thanks for the new facts!!!

  14. Identical twins come from the same zygote, an egg fecundated by a sperm which subsequently split into two, and therefore have the same "genetic fingerprint." One being left-handed and one being right-handed doesn't mean they're not identical twins: it's just they have different ways of restituting information they stored and were taught because they are two separate persons. I mean, identical twins don't even always weigh the same, have the same height or have the exactly same personalities or interests but does that make them any less identical? This pseudo-science needs to stop…

  15. The Olsen one isn't suprising. A) I knew and B) even Elisabeth looks like them, it's strong genes

  16. Paivi Project Reply

    I grew up watching & loving Shirley Temple and I have a postcard that somehow my mom got Shirley Temple to send her one in Finland. It's a beautiful black & white picture of her when she's young adult.

  17. Kathi Heckenlively Reply

    The Olsen twins are known as Mirror Twins, where they have opposite traits– one is left handed, the other is right handed, their hair parts in opposite directions, and so on. The same can be said for Cole and Dylan Sprouse and Deidre Hall and her sister Andrea. They are technically not identical twins, but look enough alike to pass.

  18. coolgirl312 Reply

    I suprisingly knew most of these? So none of them really came as a shock lol. I feel like I knew the Mary-kate and Ashley one since I was a kid.

  19. DropDeadDude Mitchell Reply

    Unless I'm mistaken, Home Alone came out BEFORE My Girl so you may want to check your facts on the dates Ms Mojo…….

  20. Tomi Ocampo Reply

    So Cole and Cody are somewhat one and the same, but Cole finally making a name for himself, not only on screen.

  21. I'll never forgot those late night Shirley Temple Collection commercials 😂

  22. Salvo Smith Reply

    Melissa Sue Anderson was so talented . I wish she had done more work , she is amazing .

  23. PANdemonium Reply

    Unless the Olsen twins have had a DNA test, they could still be identical twins. Apparently, one doctor said they’re not identical when they were babies, but the science behind understanding multiple births has come a LONG way since then. For instance, twins can be in two different sacs (as in not sharing one placenta) but still be identical. That’s how doctors used to identify the type of twins, but that method is outdated and quite inaccurate. The only sure way to know is through genetic testing, and it seems that the Olsen twins have not done that. My guess is that they are identical, but they’re what’s known as mirror twins, which would explain why one is right-handed and the other is left-handed. Identical twins can also be different sizes due to personal choices (dietary choices, physical activities, etc.) made by each of them.

    I know all of this because I’m a mom of twins, too. 🙂🙃

  24. Hey Ms Mojo from what was said about Shirley Temple's childhood career it wasn't really as cute as she was portrayed to be and her films would you mind doing a video of it.

  25. Chase Hedges Reply

    One fact: They just are not ready to be actors. They need time to mature.

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