Top 10 Craziest Things Actors Have Done for Famous Roles

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Sometimes, dedication to the craft becomes just flat out crazy. For this list, we’re looking at actors who went to extremes to nail their character – be it gaining weight or something more extreme. Except for Jackie Chan, because that dude needs a list all to himself. Oh wait, he has one! Our countdown will include films such as “Good Time” (2017), “The Dark Knight” (2008) and “Philadelphia” (1993). What do YOU believe is the craziest thing an actor has ever done for a famous role? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. For more great entertainment go to Watch and taste some of your favorite shows.

  2. I already saw this thumb guy, but I don't know where


    Look to my photo

  3. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the bear in the bear attack was not real but a guy in a suit and AMAZING digitally created after. I know you guys say "a realistic bear attack" but it's not stated in the title for #1. It could confuse a few people

  4. Adrian Brody: going on a crash diet and loosing 30 pounds – The Pianist (2004),
    Jared Leto: wearing sight-limiting contact lenses to blind himself – Blade Runner 2049 (2017),
    Mickey Rourke: learning Russian and visiting a Russian prison to explore prisoner`s tattoos – Iron Man 2 (2010),
    Charlize Theron: gaining 30 pounds, thinning her hair and bleaching her eyebrows to play Aileen Wuornos – Monster (2003),
    Jamie Foxx: Gluing his eyes shut to play piano – Ray (2004)
    and Hilary Swank: Stuffing herself, flattening her breasts and deepening her voice to appear male-like – Boys Don`t Cry (1999).

  5. 3:26 He actually said that?

  6. You can't "convert" to Christianity because it's not just "I am this now", it is "I believe in Jesus and I believe he died for my sins." And I'm pretty sure most religions are this way as well. Not trying to get into a religious debate. Just stating facts. I am a Christian. And I am sure if it was about Islam, a Muslim would say the same. Just as a Jew or Mormon would say about their own religions. You don't "convert", you BELIEVE! I really do hope he's a Christian. A true believer. but any other religion would say the same if it was their religion.
    Feel free to comment. I'm not into a debate just a discussion. However, it's kind of the same thing when it comes to religion.

  7. Sleeping pills overdose accident they said :))))
    And Christian Bale smoked 1 pack of cigarettes per day also to be a le to lose that much weight….

  8. Paris Hilton should be #1.

  9. Hanks did it again for Castaway. And the beard of course.

  10. Wild guess: Bale is #1, 1a, 1b….

  11. in the extract you played of Sophie's choice, Meryl Streep speaks GERMAN, not polish

  12. What about Charlize Theron in monster or Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club

  13. 5:14

  14. Yo maryl streep didnt talk polish in the clips you showed. It was german the last one.

  15. John Finn from Jerry Bruckheimer's Cold Case I think learnt Irish to play a police sergeant in a rural Irish fish port where I think drugs are found in a boat in his port. The show was called An Brontannas/The Gift.

  16. People. have you ever heard of mexican fav grandma Sara García?
    Check her out and hear me say "bitch, please".

  17. What about Renée Zellweger’s weight gain for Bridget Jones? It’s harder for women to gain and lose weight quickly than it is for men!

  18. When you said Jack Nicholson told Heath Ledger I warned him before his death about getting 2 in deep with the joker character that wasn't even his last roll look up the facts before you just make a random comments that you think are true cripes!

  19. Hayden chrostianson set him self on fire and died for his part in RoTS

  20. Meryl Streep in clip you played is not speaking Polish but German totally different languages not even close had me scratching my head

  21. Welp im not shock, I mean come on we can see what's going on out there now and you think they gonna respect their own religion…….hell they can even come to your and wrecked it

  22. LaBeouf shouldn't be on here. You can't change your whole belief system to prepare for a role. He's explained how he became a Christian after working on the film because his character was too. Religion isn't something you can just choose to do, you have to actually believe what you're being told and reading.

  23. Michael Fassbender dropped a ton of weight for Hunger, but I guess you can only have so many weight lossgain entries

  24. I detect lack of passion in the narration of this video

  25. Somehow I don't think there are the WORST things actor or actresses have done to get a part.

  26. No Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club?

  27. We’re in the hell is Phoenix at?

  28. How much did joaquin phoenix lose for his role in joker?

  29. You make it sound like Leo got attacked by a real bear

  30. okay, the guys in Jackass jerk off a horse and drink the jizz… so if Dicaprio is awarded because of the length he went through, where is the Oscar for Jackass gang?

  31. Where the hell is Joaquin Phoenix on this list? He lost 52 pounds, studied pathological laughter, and became mentally ill for his role as Joker.

  32. Good list, though I think Donnie Wahlberg losing an extreme amount of weight for his VERY minor role in Sixth Sense might deserve at least an honorable mention.

  33. 2:10 Since when does THAT prevent a movie from getting an Oscar??

    Nine times out of ten, the winner for Best Picture is something I've never heard of.

  34. There is another guy who needs a list of his own. Christian Bale. Oh wait he already has one

  35. eddie murphy gained 400 pounds for the nutty professor

  36. Omg ..Leto got fat…the sacrifices these heros make..

  37. Well, when you get paid tens of millions of dollars to be famous… 🙄

  38. How is Tony Todd allowing himself to be stung by 23 bees only an honorable mention?!

  39. No ways is DDL not Top 3 – NO WAYS!
    Here for Leo, and Bale, but DDL deserves better.

  40. I'm still madly in love with jared leto even when he's a fatty.

    jared, let's make babies together.

  41. I own chapter 27 it was an amazing movie

  42. Totally forgot abt Leo eating raw meat lmao

  43. meryl streep learned deutch.. not polish 😛

  44. The one scene you showed of Meryl Streep was German not polish

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