All hail the #PrinceofDarkness! Check out our picks for the Top 10 Craziest #OzzyOsbourne Moments.
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  1. Ozzy should just be the test subject for any drug ever since he’s obviously incapable of dying from them

  2. Valentin S. Reply

    I'm glad this guy stayed alive as long as he did and I hope it stays that way

  3. wade wilson Reply

    billie eilesh puts a spider in her mouth

    Ozzy : pathetic , hold my bat

  4. Charles Mckinney Reply

    I was there when ozzy bites the head off the bat Des moines iowa

  5. No shit the bat was #1.

    The Alamo and the ants should've been 2 and 3.

  6. dead maggots Reply

    Interviewer: so ozzy, how are you alive?

    Ozzy:* starts speaking aliens language *

  7. michael majewski Reply

    ozzy needs a 4×4 old man quad not a 350cc twin smoker bansee

  8. what about the crazy moment when he didnt credit jake e lee for bark at the moon or the ultimate sin album

  9. secret germs Reply

    the bat should not be #1 because he thought it was a toy. the dove was done while drunk (and probably other drugs), but he knew it was real. the murder attempt is eclipses the bat too, easily.

  10. Sinister Six Reply

    Didn't he bring a woman up to his hotel room the night he got married to Sharron?

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