Enjoy this episode of Top Moments where we take a look back at the Top 10 Craziest Figure Skating Galas in Olympic history! These include extraordinary routines and stunts of Tatsuki Machida (JPN), Javier Fernandez (ESP), Valentina Marchei & Ondrej Hotarek (ITA), and the iconic backflip of Surya Bonaly (FRA)!
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  1. Марина Кучерявая Reply

    Как бы круто это ни было, ничто не сравнимо с показательными Поповой/Мозгова

  2. I loves barbie girl from Vale Marchei e Ondrei Hotarek and in past was super perfomances from Mister Plushenko

  3. Elena Martín Reply

    Super Javi will always be the funniest and most iconic exhibition ever 💕😁

  4. inma blazquez Reply

    That's soooo funny 👏👏👏 Of course my favourite performance is Aerobic class. Super Javiiii 😍😍😍

  5. Jacqueline Cook Reply

    Misha Ge's BTS Mike Drop is one of my faves. <3 But loved that you got Super Javi.

  6. I just love Javi so much <3 Miss him a lot on the circuit these days….

  7. Devashish Kr Reply

    Why is our Indian game kabaddi is not in Olympic it is played all over the world by many countries please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 add kabaddi in Olympic s

  8. coolgirl312 Reply

    Skaters when planning their gala performances: Ok so I'm/we're going to skate to this fun song we always wanted to skate to, put on some funky costumes and have fun with it.
    Valentina and Ondrei: Ok lets skate to Barbie girl and do every banned lift in the books

  9. honestly Alina Zagitova's tiger gala at the olympics was freaking wild to me

  10. Sue Randall Reply

    Those spins were CRAZY!!!
    I remember Surya absolutely beautiful performance. She basically said the judges be damned.

  11. I Know it wasn't the Olympics but Evgenia medvwdevas sailor moon dance in Japan was fire !

  12. Anabelle1226 Reply

    Самый красивый, незабываемый и душевный образ на гала выступлениях-это Бережная и Сихарулидзе с номером Чаплин

  13. По-моему самые сумасшедшие показательные номера в фигурном катании были у Евгения Плющенко, жалко что лучшие из них были на мировых чемпионатах.

  14. I really miss Javi's performance in competition, He's always amazing figure skater and artist who can entertain people 😊

  15. Ανδρονίκη Ζοζέφη Reply

    Gala exhibitions show how beautiful sport is figure skating!! It's so great to see all the athletes, relaxed, enjoying their performances during gala exhibitions…They show us a little from themselves, and we enjoy together with them and as much as they do…

  16. Francis Nguyen Reply

    Hola, Javi, I love you too from Espana Spanish Figure Skater.

  17. You started out really strong with Chaplin, then all of them were rather disappointing until Barbie! But really Javi just stole the show 😉

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