TOP 10 Countries Railways goods transported

World Railways rankings: Data Visualized video shows TOP 10 Countries Railways goods transported (million ton-km) History since 1996 to 2017.
Goods transported by railway are the volume of goods transported by railway, measured in metric tons times kilometers traveled.
Data sourse statistics: Internation Union of Railways ( UIC )

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  1. ну хоть гдето мы первые

  2. In Russia is the modernization of BAM and TRANS-Siberian railway. BAM will be double-track and the TRANS-Siberian railway will increase capacity by at least 40%. Still will built the road and ZHD bridge on island Sakhalin through Tatar Strait that will give the exit Sakhalin ports to ZHD road Russia and on South Sakhalin is planned connect Sakhalin with Japanese island Hokkaido, and Japanese tovra will dostovlyatsya not only sea and and ZHD road in Europe. And still there is an important construction in the North of Russia-the Northern latitudinal course-the railway under construction in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district with a length of 707 kilometers along the route Ob — Salekhard-Nadym-Novy Urengoy-Korotchaevo, which should link the Western and Eastern parts of the Autonomous district, the Northern railway with Sverdlovsk

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