Top 10 Coolest Cars of 2019

Here are’s picks for the Top 10 coolest cars of 2019. We cover all bases, from a speedy wagon to a surprisingly street-legal sports car, and even a truck. Watch the video now so you can get on with judging our choices, already!

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  1. Why pick cars that aren't available this year or older cars that came out last year?

  2. Why pick cars that aren't available this year or older cars that came out last year?

  3. The disappointment Supra over the Corvette. I do not agree.

  4. where is the Suzuki Jimny?
    that is the Coolest Car of 2019

  5. Most of these 'cool' cars have insane engine and insane sticker price …………………

  6. 2:15 Because there's no millenials that drive stick shift -.-
    Save the cheap humor and just talk about the damn cars :/

  7. This Top 10 should have been qualified…"and in no particular order". Supra over the C8? Please.

  8. The Corvette should have been #1. The Supra should have been #6 or #8. The Corvette has been out since 1953 and the engine always have been in the front. Now it is in the middle or mid-ship. Better weight distribution and traction. I like the Kia Stinger more than the Supra. A nice sized family car that still has great performance. The McLaren Senna should have been at least #2 or 3 because of the name and of the awesome performance.

  9. I think the corvette should be no 1.Who agrees?

  10. Nice presentation, but I missed Craig's jokes and his presentation style..

  11. For me the best is this beast!!

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