Top 10 Cheapest Cities to Retire in The US

Top 10 Cheapest Cities to Retire in The US
Ever since I did the worst places to retire I have been asked over and over to do the best places to retire in the United States. Some people consider the nicest place as the best places that’s normally because they have a good amount of money saved up, the rest of us consider the least expensive place as the best. So, we’ll do 2 videos. The first one will be the cheapest city to retire. It will be the cheapest yet decent place to live. I’m not telling anyone to move to Skid Row in LA or Hunts Point in NY. They would be extremely cheap but incredibly dangerous. That would be wrong and I would be filled with guilt thinking someone took my advice or information and moved to some of the nastiest places in the US. Relatively safe and budget-friendly is what we are looking for. Some cities will give you free college courses and breaks on the purchase of a home. So no student loans and a high mortgage at 65.
Thanks for checking out the channel. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. If there is a state, city or town you’d like us to do a video about let us know in the comment section.
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  1. Take a look at Thailand or Vietnam….. expand your horizons…….

  2. Can you do best place for singles to mingle/find a husband wife etc. ……. can you do best state for someone to immigrate. From australia, big fan. Cheers

  3. Idiot.

    If you make it to 65 then talk about how easy it was.

  4. Problem with a lot of these places? Horrific winters. Sure, youll save on taxes, but you will easily make up for it warming the house up. Unless you wanna be choppin wood till you last days….

  5. This tells me to commit suicide at retirement age!

  6. Florida has been my home place since birth. I just about freeze to death for two weeks every winter. Houses down here are drafty! You’re much better off up north with a well-sealed house!

  7. Augusta Georgia is called Disgusta Georgia for a reason…you said no slums??? LIAR!!! lol

  8. Your cut downs on Arkansas are not funny, cute or accurate. Fayetteville is not the only cool place to live and dispite what you said….people ARE EDUCATED HERE….. numb nyts

  9. Next do the most racist states with high activity of white supremacy clan groups who try to recruit online now

  10. I’m retired in Santa Barbara ca. It doesn’t get any better.

  11. Im still waiting for the best cities to rent. He made the other one for worst cities but idk.

  12. Cheyenne Wyoming has a population of 63k. Not 500K
    Wyoming as whole has a population of 500K.

  13. Yippee, I live in Columbus, Ohio. If you can survive the bad drivers this is a great place to call home

  14. You can move to central America and save even more.

  15. Retirement IS a scam. You work non-stop from school age until your 60's, grinding away & deferring self gratification in a mad attempt to scrimp & save. Then, AFTER YOUR BODY HAS BROKEN DOWN, you're retired & finally allowed to kick back, explore the world & experience the good life! But your body is too tired & worn out to enjoy much of anything…just doctors appointments & trips to the grocery store/pharmacy. I ADVISE YOUNG PEOPLE TO TAKE A FEW MONTHS & SEE THE WORLD before climbing the corporate ladder & having a fam.

  16. Retirees don’t give a shit about nightlife!

  17. Conservative, no state income tax, clean and good cops.

  18. This starts off with Nebraska, W. Virginia, Ohio, Iowa and Wyoming, they have to pay people to live in these frozen places. I think this guy knows nothing about retirement.

  19. If you're a liberal just stay where you are! Reminder to all Patriots. Never sell property to liberals EVER!

  20. look I hate to play the race card here but this list was not made for black people i.e west Virginia

  21. When choosing a city to retire to there are many more things to consider other than cost. The cheapest city with the best weather but filled with bible-thumping conservative Republicans – count me out.

  22. Unless you have no choice, I don't think anyone wants to retire in the "US".

  23. They all have free square dancing lessons.

  24. All back east. I use to live in a small town back east Conneaut, Ohio. It's just east of Cleveland and Ashtabula. It's a real slow town.

  25. I live in the area near Augusta , I am retired, Augusta IS NOT CHEAP BECAUSE OF THE MASTERS GOLF ! stats don't reflect the real ,cheap is relative I guess. Columbus ga is supposed to be too. It is for retired military because of FT. Benning, which drives up prices for the rest of us.

  26. Knoxville Tn is a good place ? It's a dump. There are better options than this city.

  27. OK, I've stayed in Fayettville, Ak and considered retiring there but here is the rub. This is an old classic Americana town that strongly maintains the old school Post WWII mentality. Very nice town in every respect, but I could see the coming social tempests that would arise due the rapid changes that are being imposed by globalism. Globalism is and will continue to rip up the establish social , economic, demographic , and political fabric of the town causing friction points that will become problematic. This is why I chose to pass it up and look elsewhere. Americans don't adapt to rapid change very well.

  28. So why is only Republican cities listed

  29. No City in Florida? Most of your city’s are up north where you have to spend more on clothes. I live in shorts tank tops and flip flops! Is it 5:00 yet? Fort Walton Beach is cheep to live in? Most of the fast food places are ran by seniors not stupid teenagers. My 2 bedroom 2 bath is $550. With a view of the Gulf. If a storm comes up I just go see my daughter in Jackson Mississippi.

  30. funny, almost all are major University towns; maybe that's the way to stay young; so why buy a house when you can share a cheap apt. with some student roomies?

  31. When presenting attributes of Knoxville, you said buttload – did you mean boatload? I wonder what the psychology of that is. Diarrhea of the mouth? ?

  32. population of Cheyenne is around 60k. that half million ish figure is the whole state. in my zipcode, when I lived there a few years ago ,had a population density of 97 people/ square mile. Even though it's pretty cheap there and their are tax advantages, if you like to live in small spaces your cost of living might go up living to Cheyenne because you'll probably have to have a 2 plus bedroom house. There aren't a lot of one bedroom places there.

  33. NEW MEXICO did not make the cut !!!! , While its cost of living is 40% below the National Average !!! Albuquerque is a great place to live, and not COLD.

  34. Nothing left of Nebraska!! I live in Southern Oregon on $1000. a month. Of course I have no life either but I have enough to eat and stay clothed and buy an occasional toy on amazon. So it's ok.

  35. A lot of major college towns on this list.

  36. I'm coming up on 55 this next January 2020. I need to start considering where to retire to when the fat lady sings.

  37. Where can I move where the sky is still blue with fresh air (no chemtrails) and clean water (no fluoride) ?

  38. So the cheapest are some of the coldest and sit in and about tornado alley. That doesn't sound good, just as the hip defrost from the long cold winter you have to run for shelter. I retired close to Augusta. Our winters last maybe a month and those aren't back to back days. Thunder storms can be bad but unplug and take nap – you're retired😉

  39. can you do city with the best streets, worst streets. i live in Wichita, KS. and the streets are horaid. we have a joke about the street Kellogg being constantly under construction. you could do a whole hour on Kellogg.

  40. Where’s Detroit in this list??

  41. Who wants to live where it’s frozen for 6 months out of a year….🥶

  42. Columbus has been booming. Traffic is horrible. Housing is going up. We pay city tax too. You have to move out of Franklin County.

  43. I’ll retire into an RV……

  44. WHY do you never list these states in the show notes so we don't have to replay this video when we find a pen 🖋 and paper 📄

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