Top 10 Celebs You Won’t Believe Are the Same Age

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Age is just a number… right? For this list, we’re looking at celebrities who are the same age but don’t look it. From John Cho and The Rock, to Ariana Grande and Cardi B, it’s hard to believe these celebs are born the same year! Join WatchMojo as we count down the stars you won’t believe are the same age. Which star’s age surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Really? Besides the last one I didn’t see a lot of difference between pairings. I think this is just reaching

  2. I suggest Nicolas Cage and Keanu Reeves.

  3. "Age is just a number, right?" How does that relate to this video?

  4. Amazing Video. I Love These Kind Of Videos.

  5. My ex-husband was in high school with Carlos “Chuck” Norris (I saw the yearbook). My ex was named most gorgeous guy of their class. He’s still, at almost 80 (!?), one of the hottest men I know (my ex, not Chuck).

  6. 4:00 I don't know if it's just me, but Chuck Norris in the pic looks like Dr. Phil with hair.

  7. William Shatner and Clint Eastwood.

    Yup can't believe that…Eastwood's one year older at 89.

  8. Chuck Norris is always unbeatable

  9. How tf does Dwayne Johnson look way older that 47?!

  10. Bit harsh on the rock 😂

  11. I agree that the bad ass Chuck Norris looks good for his age. But it’s SO OBVOUS he’s had plastic surgery done and dyes his hair. You can give him credit, but not that much credit.

  12. Chuck Norris and Dumbledore are ok for that list, but I don't agree with all the others.

  13. well to be fair, John Cho is Asian, we all look younger than we really are

  14. I believed all of these were the same age….

  15. Very amazing didn’t know that some of the celebrities are the same age very amazing indeed

  16. Cardi B was actually born in late 1992, which would make her a year OLDER then Ariana Grande. 🤣

  17. How old is Kate Upton and Selena Gomez? You never even told us this is going to be the first video I ever gave a thumbs down to and not just because of that. I thought The Rock was like 35 how you going to say he looks older than 47

  18. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Beyoncé are also the same age.

  19. Have a shot every time she says Baby face, RIP

  20. No need to send Cardi B to the burn unit.

  21. Why didn't they tell their ages? WatchMojo do your f'n job

  22. It’s because old age and death is afraid of Chuck Norris

  23. Christy Teigen used to be pretty, now she looks like the evil is coming out in her face.

  24. michael gambon LOOKS his age. chuck norris clearly has had alot of work done plus he dyes his hair.

  25. Batista and Eminem are the same age (I think so)

  26. Paul Anka looks and acts so young. Same age as Ireland's President, Michael Higgins.


  28. Don't like this list. Almost all of them I can't even tell which one is suppose to be the old one.

  29. Cardi B has got a lot more miles on the clock than Ariana…stripping does that to young ladies

  30. Mojo, you missed another pair: ALEXANDER SIDDIG(my sweetie) and Bjork-They were born on the very same day: Nov 21st, 1965.

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