Top 10 Celebrities That Were Catfished

Top 10 Celebrities That Were Catfished
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  1. She is oddly cute!!

  2. Unfortunately, I was catfished by a woman online who was in a group together with me. Well, to be technically correct, the whole of group of us were catfished. To make a long story short, it took a couple months before her whole story started to unravel and then one of the group members searched her images online and found all of them where from the internet, including her pictures of her home. Nothing was real. We still don't know who the person is to this day, but she ran before everyone realized what she was.

  3. I’m from Charleston and Thomas Gibson is known as being kind of a jerk.
    If he’s treated like this consistently… I kinda get it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Girl you getting reccomended

  5. "celebrities" is a strong word….

  6. The one with Tracie Thoms. Sammie, her “super fan,” didn’t go to a random person’s funeral. It was actually a funeral for her cousin. Sickening no matter which way you look at it!!

  7. you should have showed the fake and real photos of the catfishes. thats the whole thing. boring without.

  8. You guys recycle the same people THIS IS WRONG


  10. I got catfished. You did not have celebrity here!!!!

  11. Who are these people?🤔

  12. Anytime someone asks for money on a dating site, you know something is wrong

  13. Am I the only one who didn't know of these celebs?

  14. I feel like the excessive amount of facetune is should be considered cat fishing in a way

  15. 6:22
    be looking like jay from the kub scoutz
    when playing michael jackson HEE HEE XD

  16. Why do people catfish in the first place? It's called self confidence!

  17. I don't video chat. If people wanna think I'm a catfish for it that's fine but it's definitely not a determining factor.

  18. I watched the first guy on Criminal Minds for years but he will always be Greg to me ❤️

  19. Just wanted to tell you that you are very beautiful and very sexy and I love watching your channel and keep up with the great work you do

  20. Is it just me… or does this woman wear the same black jeans in every video?

  21. How could people get so invested and give so much and trust a person that much that they don't even know… Like I better see u, talk 2 u, FaceTime, everything b4 anything n i ain't sending noooo $$$

  22. That girl sent video from her cousins funeral

  23. I’ve been hat fished 🧢 😒😒😂😂😂😂

  24. It’s not “NEEVE it’s “nev”

  25. Its amazing how you cut off manti teo's story without saying he was catfished by a male friend and leaving an ambiguous ending to sound like he made it all up

  26. It was her cousin funeral 🥴🥴

  27. Wait, are y'all Canadian though??

  28. More work to do with the Brit accent hon ‘ 😉

  29. I've been catfished befor when I met the person I was like what the hell he was like more then 10 years older then his picture and real different I told him was that your high school pic on your profile

  30. Wow you're beautiful please send me money for my hamster he's really sick and needs medication. 😷😷😷🐹🐹. Lol.

  31. Y'all sure got loose with the term celebrity didn't you lol

  32. …HIS NAME IS YANIV? I thought it was just Nev. I feel dumb. And the basketball player Birdman got CATFISHEDDDD hopefully he’s number one. Well he wasn’t on the list..

  33. I have, thankfully, never been catfished. Perks of meeting your dates in real life situations.

  34. It was the funeral of a her cousin in the Reese case. I've seen this one on catfish

  35. Lol my ass can't stop laughing at number 9 the woman is called "Abegail or Abigail" and I kid you not bish that's my freking name

  36. What kind of idiot doesn’t research the disease they are using to scam people? I mean I thought nothing could be worse than scamming people about a disease but…Good thing some criminals are stupid!

  37. I love watching Charlotte, so sassy such potato

  38. I'm glad I never have been cat fished. My boyfriend seemed to good to be true but he turned out real. Lol
    I'm lucky.

  39. Agree with toilet comment. Am sorry u also have been catfished. Chin up! Go clubbing instead and risk being killed in an alley like the good ole days.

  40. I am so grateful that I found my fiancé and love of my life and thankfully have never been catfished. But I do have plenty of friends who have been catfished. 😢

  41. yoooo i feel awful for him but who tf was out here getting nudes from hotch???😭😭 im dead asfff

  42. People who catfish others are soul-less pieces of shit. How could you be so cruel?

  43. That's why you should vid chat with the person you met online everyday and never send a mtf money

  44. I trust that u are not a catfish er

  45. Bruh my cousin and her friend catfished me in hopes I would fall in love with them, but I'm not stupid and exposed they're bull. Awkward…. 😑😑😑

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