Top 10 Cardi B Shocking Facts You Didn't Know

Top 10 Cardi B Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know
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Welcome back to Top 10 Beyond The Screen! You probably love to hate her, Cardi B is a chart-topping artist who is making history in the music scene. Her song Bodak Yellow debuted in 2017 and took the top spot on the U.S Billboard charts, making her the first female rapper to reach number 1 in 19 years. But if you rewind a couple of years you would see Cardi struggling to pay bills, dropping out of college, and turning to exotic dancing as a way to make it rain. So this is the Top 10 Cardi B Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know.
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  1. Are you a Cardi B fan?

  2. Why is plastic surgery so popular

  3. She's totally ridiculous, but I love how she's just unapologetically her.

  4. Jocelyn,you're my superstar Star girl,I'm a fan of you💖💐

  5. Keep up good work on video

  6. Yep, can't stand her. She's skanky and dirty and icky

  7. I don't really like rap.

  8. these comments are full of white racist people who be hating on card b

  9. She's gross 🤢🤢🤢🤢looking. Just looking at her sends chills down my spine.

  10. JOCELYN!! You're my favorite host so can you PLEASE do a video about my favorite actor? No other than the hilarious, handsome Canadian Ryan Reynolds? 🤔
    You know, in honor of Deadpool 3 being announced 😂

  11. I also like Kendrick Lamar,nas,Bebe Rexha,Selena G,

  12. Jocelyn,you're outstanding,
    don't wanna be like Cardi B

  13. B represents bloods or it's Illuminati,could be wrong

  14. I think you should do a top 10 facts about Hugh Jackman

  15. People with normal names want weird names and visa versa. I hated my name for the longest time, now I've just grown used to it. My mom got it from my grandfather's girlfriend's last name. So Chesney turned into Chesni and that's how I got my name. Thanks mom… 😂

  16. Who the Heck is she? An attention seeker? Why even do a video of her anywhere.?

  17. Cardi B is very pretty but she ruins her appeal by being very crude

  18. Turns out she was never a blood

  19. That's why her butts all lumpy and oddly shaped.. its them illegal butt injections!

  20. Yes joce you could do a little rappin too come on girl lol i love this list tho keep poppin top 10 beyond

  21. if she doesn't have a license, how the hell can she even buy any cars? last I checked, if you were buying a car(especially from a dealership/used car lot) they want a drivers license and insurance info. every vehicle I own or owned, I needed to show a driver's license and insurance info.

  22. Joss, you look sensational ❤️😘😘😘

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