Top 10 BROKEN Heroes you MUST PLAY in Patch 7.23 – Meta Tips and Tricks | Dota 2 Guide

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Patch 7.23 is one of the biggest we’ve ever seen. In this Dota 2 guide, you will learn about the top 10 most broken heroes in 7.23 Outlanders.

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  1. The "new" Enchantress is actually an original format dated back to the good 'ol DotA mod. Impetus at Q and Untouchable as the ult. And believe me, back then Enchantress was OP'ed.

  2. Razor is so lit, love the update

  3. what about kunkka? riki and treant protector?

    kunkka have that skill that looks like "KILLZONE" in water form… riki has his invi back as ultimate, and still has tricks of the trade as normal skill… I think I can make riki go mid, except that he's goddamned fragile… that treant protector, what was that?

  4. Ive played most of these heroes and I can confirm void spirit, snapfire, razor and techies.

  5. jungle is back boiz HAHAHAHA

  6. what about doom, he got a crazy amount of buffs

  7. Buff lina omd she hanst change since forever

  8. Where's meepo, he's Unstoppably global threat when he builds travel instead threads. Also he can jungle, and gank at the same time giving him a high chance in finding those items.

  9. Does anyone want to point out Bone Clinks? +perma dmg and minus armor?

  10. by the way tiny can be a hitter carry again now since his tree is permanent

  11. Tbh after item drop thing kunkka is pretty pretty value hero since he can stack with torrent and wipe out easily

  12. 11:39 old school enchantress is back. #dota1 skill set

  13. clink is broken now, super easy to use, just rush med and diff, ezgame

  14. do you have a video explaining the new things?? I entered yesterday and I thought I had entered Turbo by accident. Then I realised it was a normal match, now all couriers are availabe, and you dont have to pay for it, it just appears when the match begins.

    Then the runes are I dont know where. and also there are those shrines or whatever, you stand a moment and they change for your team.. so if you have any guide explaining all those little aspects. My first impression is that I need the old version back, I dont want to play turbo, I hate turbo. All 5 couriers available, for free?? c'mon!
    I still miss having to buy wings for the courier, and now not even pay for the courier itself?.

  15. For me puck is soo good,ez nuke to kill in 1min

  16. LD is obviously OP this match. Entangle at lvl 1, both the bear and the druid now can escape with their w(if i remember correctly), and he can stomp enemy at lvl 6 because his ult buff.

  17. Antimage medusa et naga

  18. I still prefer KOTL as top 10, i got 10 wins in a row for 2 days XD

    Just laning with your offlane, then spam W on enemy carry, and that xp talent is fuckin good

  19. i suck really bad, but i've been awesome with the new razor, he's too broken

  20. When I played techies I covered whole map in bombs and traps,we won in 30mins and I had 21kills…seems legit this dota3 😀

  21. Nobody ever told you that you speak exactly the same as Morty? of Rick & Morty

  22. Kuunka Aghanim is broken

  23. Impetus basic ability is odd?🤣 Welcome to Dota 2008 speed that's the old enchantress skill 🙂 Untouchable as an ulti.

  24. You forgot Naix, he's definitely number 1.

  25. Huskar is also broken, the change of sange makes you literally unkillable got from legend 5 to ancient 3 real quick

  26. Nobody:

    V E N O J U N G L E to carry your team to victory

  27. slardar with aghanim from 2nd spell – (35 hp regen and 12 armor) + (talent +8 regen at lvl 10) and sange bonus 30%= 60 hp regen in 2nd spell. tarasq -> more than 100hp regen per sec. it's just 2 slots on hero.

  28. Ursa and RK laughing in the background

  29. why do u sound like MORTY?

  30. "Impetus is now a basic ability. Odd…it's odd"
    uuhh you never played dota1 or maybe forgot? It's her old kit, they just revert it back

    and who said Snapfire is trash?? just watching the sneak peek on the kit I already know this hero is op af

  31. If the hero is trash then her ult is not OP, and wont get nerfed because everything else on the hero balances her out.

  32. Do I skill Waning rift lvl 1 on Puck now?

  33. you forget lone druid

  34. I love the ward gold change, I always hated it when I was down on gold but still had to pay for detection just for a teammate to snipe it

  35. A nice combo would be spit fire + ags disruptor, hold them in an area and mortar them down. Mars would be a good front liner but it’s easier to get out of his ring with bkb. With the new ags tome it might be easier to get ags on disruptor but that’s temporary and RNG

  36. Check Kunkka's new aghs upgrade. So OP

  37. Lone druid. Playstyle definitely improved. Love the ult. Unkillable during ult.

  38. I think lone druid needs a mention somewhere here

  39. I have an imminent 6 month ban warning.

    I also main techies… I don't think people bless my soul.

  40. NP is so strong this patch

  41. I have been having a lot of luck with PA she absolutely destroys in my pubs as a safelaner/jungler.

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