Top 10 Breaking Bad Villains

Check out our featured song: “The Truth” by Standing Eight!

Walter White was no angel, but these Breaking Bad Villains were real diablos. We’re looking at the most sinister, brutal and evil antagonists that appeared on the show. The meth business attracts some truly terrible people. WatchMojo ranks the greatest Breaking Bad villains. Who’s your favorite Breaking Bad villain? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Check out our featured song: "The Truth" by Standing Eight!

  2. The twins were too comic book characters for me.

  3. How the fuck are the cousins higher on the list then Todd?

  4. well, I would say Mr. White is #1

  5. Todd was creepy af, specially because of his "friendly" demeanor

  6. Discount Matt Damon was by far the most aggravating. Gus was who my money was on to be crowned the overall victor with Jesse becoming his head chef.

  7. Uncle Jack did let Walter keep one barrel of cash, which was still a considerable amount of money to walk away with. So, he had a sense of fair play, as long you're a white, bald asshole.

  8. Todd became William Shatner at some point, then went back to being Todd.

  9. Breaking bad villans: almost every single character

  10. Please , stop reading names with that terrible spanish accent

  11. Why tf do people think that Todd is the literal devil? I feel like this boils down to when he killed the kid and Andrea, and in his defense, he was just taking orders and protecting his group/family.

    It doesn’t matter what I say though, this opinion/outlook on Todd was spawned when arrogant people decided to hate this character based on his actions instead of his reasons and morality, so there’s no point in trying to convince anyone otherwise.

  12. I could see number one from the planet mars

  13. downvoted for the featured song

  14. So the only one who genuinely felt lust and desire at the thought of people being murdered is ranked way down at #9? Mute your audio and start from 2:28

  15. I never really saw Gus as a villain.

  16. Yall are sleeping on human garbage Ted

  17. I was kind of hoping the two idiots Walt ran over with his car would somehow make this list lol

  18. Jack and his gang (minus Todd) were my favorite villains.

  19. The true villian of breaking bad is the American Health care system

  20. Tuco was a mad druggie but todd wass a full on psychopath

  21. How come not Skyler is number 1?

  22. No one on the show killed more people than Walter. He really should have been considered for this list.

  23. big ooft at that featured song, really cringy and they have a long time to go before featuring on a channel with 21m subs

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