Top 10 Breakdown! | Intelligentsia Cup 2019 – Fulton St.

Final day of Intelligentsia cup! We finished off the series on Fulton St. – Goose Island Grand Prix

My favorite stuff 🔥
🚨 My favorite tail light (Flare-R)
💻 Computer I use (Edge 1030)
🕶 My favorite sunglasses (Oakley JawBreaker)
🎥 On the bike Camera (GoPro Session 5)
🌀 Favorite Tubulars for racing (Conti Sprinter)
💦 My favorite chain lube (Squirt)
📸 Point and Shoot Camera I use (G7X M2)
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  1. Good video and you are a natural with interesting commentary. I did notice you stopped pedaling completely before the line and when you did that a guy came around you to your left. You weren't going to win it, but it might have been 8th rather than 9th. Well done either way on the top 10 finish!

  2. #dontputababygoatinacageallday

  3. Who is the jerk that gave the thumbs down… haters gonna hate 👍

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