Top 10 Blind Auditions | THE VOICE USA Season 17 2019
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  1. oh no this boring stupid fake bitch gwen is back, jeeez take her out

  2. Jessica Smith Reply

    What even is the point of this when you cut the songs into little pieces? BOO.

  3. I feel that they are playing very well, everyone has their own charm. The show is also very exciting.Due to network restrictions and copyright restrictions, it is not possible to watch "Good Voices of the United States" outside the United States. With FlyVPN, you can get a US IP address to watch NBC from anywhere.You can try FlyVPN, the PC can use it for free for one hour every day. In addition to the free time per day, the mobile phone can be used for 14 days after registration.

  4. Totally disagree!. This is also why I hate the best of albums, somebody else's opinion.

  5. Concerned Citizen Reply

    The morbidly obese people put me off. The Producers need to make them 'eat the food and lose the weight' before putting them on TV. It's for their own good.

  6. PolishTopaz Reply

    I totally agree!! thank you! im traveling so this is how I catch up

  7. Karthik Subramanian Krishnan Reply

    Kelly was sssoooo pushed off when she lost katie!

  8. Lidia Veronese Reply

    bellissime voci!!! ma non tagliate più a pezzi le esibizioni…

  9. LiaNroger Laurez Reply

    I’ll put my money on whatever young blonde girl singing country.

  10. Agent FourtyTwo Reply

    soo Ralphie May didnt die.. he just became a singer. gotcha

  11. Cristian Rivera Reply

    José Vilches yo también soy latino y m gustan estos realitis pura vida ticooos 👍👍👍

  12. Veronica Matchett Reply

    Jake was jamming with rock bands at the age of 14 and plays "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" – he can take this season depending on Gwen's choice of songs. He's a real pro and should go right to the end.

  13. Kuli Internesyenelll Reply

    Dammm great voice. Best cover song (she's gone by gonzales).

  14. eduardo adrian ricamonte corbo Reply

    La selección de temas la verdad no me gusta para nada y podrían darle mejore tema los que concursan por qué son un desastre

  15. Shane Ticknor Reply

    Kelly you need to seriously back off the meth honey! Your nothing but a Typical Hollyweird Drug Addict

  16. Heath Barrett Reply

    On ANY given weekend in Key West there are 10 more talented singers than ANYTHING on that stage.

  17. orchidsmania01 Reply

    Adam should come back ang remove kelly she is over reacting annoying

  18. Albert Jose Vilchez Manare Reply

    Soy el unino Latinó Americano que vé este tipo de programás

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