Top 10 Blacklisted Celebrities Who Mysteriously Disappeared

Top 10 Blacklisted Celebrities Who Mysteriously Disappeared
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Welcome back to Top 10 Beyond The Screen, we’ve talked about celebrities who got themselves put on the Hollywood blacklist, and we’ve also talked about celebrities who disappeared. However, we have yet to discuss the Top 10 Blacklisted Celebrities Who Mysteriously Disappeared. Let’s begin, and find out where are they now?

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  1. Which Number Surprised You The Most?

  2. Salinger wasn't blacklisted. His isolation was his personal choice.

  3. Only sick egos enjoy seeing people fall from grace or lose there jobs. Does tweeting something at night somewhat inappropriate deserve the punishment that Roseanne got? According to the thought police who are constantly virtue signaling she deserves to lose her career eventhough she is one of the most brilliant comedians ever. One day these virtue signaling hypocrites will have their darkest moments highlighted for all the world to see. I can't wait!

  4. They say he wasn't blacklisted but being completely avoided after coming out is the very nature of blacklisting. Fraser should have had more support than what he got. Still glad he's back to acting.

  5. Jared, in jail, where he should be!

  6. Always knew there was something very odd about James Franco.

  7. Should be so embarrassing to claim America is a free country if you can not speak freely

  8. These people were celebrities? Not too interesting a list of losers.

  9. Roseanne is doing great! I see her all the time on her YouTube channel. Y'all crazy.

  10. In my opinion 90percen of these people who are black listed got a raw deal. 17 is not a child, many 17 yr olds fought for our country. Some of the black listed were punished for their honest opinions. Say what ever you want about our president but Godforbid you speak ill of the anointed in Hollywood.


  12. TRUMP 2020!!!! ROSANNE IS 100% RIGHT!!!

  13. The rumors they come up with?🤫

  14. Deshoveled? that's crude.. She was at home in a house dress minding her damn business

  15. LYF = Like your face ??????????????????????????? lol no idea either !!!

  16. Oh my God. A bunch of nobodies who never were. Who cares!

  17. Another Reboot??? LOL

  18. The MAIN Problem With Lifestyle, Image, Staus, Wealth & Sex for Money Or Material Gain…. YEP! Who In the West FAILS to Learn from the Mistakes???

  19. @9:20 Salinger looks like Seinfeld. Or I should say Jerry looks like him

  20. James Franco has a new drama series " The Deuce" . I believe he may be directing or producing it in addition to a leading role ( dual role of two brothers)

  21. What happened to Clive Owen? He used to be a movie star and now he is making low budget commercials.


  23. So many go on that they have freedom of speech and are applauded for talking trash twords concervitives/semi-concervitives …. But if some one does the same but against liberal/socialism/etc… they will be verbally attacked, loose jobs, etc as well as getting accused falsely of all sorts of things because heaven forbid you disagree with liberal.

  24. If course Monique played the race card, anyone surprised by that … Yeah me either. That card has been played more times than any other card in Vegas. It's only unfortunate that it's been played so often that it's lost any meaning it had and typically only played people who are raciest themselves. Remember the guilty will always accuse isn't that right Monique

  25. you talk way too much.

  26. LYF. Love You Forever

  27. Ummm excuse me? Most regular people don't put on pounds of make up if they're just hanging out around their house. You are so rude.

  28. this chick needs to tone down the highlighter 😳 looks like adams ant.

  29. You do know you said "and on top of that" during your Jared clip right? Yes I chuckled but it was your fault.

  30. His last name is FRASER! NOT "Frasier". Why are people so stupid?!

  31. Well if Brendan Frazer isn't busy, you can give him my number!!! Wish I were a horse!

  32. I agree. Let simmons rest.

  33. Shyt people say 🚮😒

  34. Some company really put there advertising on the Jared fogel section of the vid!!!

  35. Jocelyn is super hot. Give this comment a like if you agree.

  36. I don't see it answered. Lyf love you forever.

  37. Most of these who cares never liked them anyway

  38. This is what happens when you support the wrong people and tweet about it.

  39. How does it make it ok cuz they were 16 and 17 wtf

  40. I like Jocelyn better when she's on Chaturbate…!

  41. "Denazification"? ( 9:02 ) Can we do that here in the U.S.?

  42. Nice belly button piercing 🖤x❤

  43. An arrogant brat with a horrible nasal voice but its all about the advertising and crappy marketing

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