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10. Champawat Tiger & Panar Leopard
9. Dyatlov Pass Incident
8. Boston Molasses Disaster
7. Charkhi Dadri Mid-Air Collision
6. The Station Nightclub Fire
5. Basra Poison Grain Disaster
4. New London School Explosion
3. Lake Nyos Disaster
2. Mount Pelée Eruption
1. Bhopal Disaster
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  1. It would take an incredible amount of snakes coming through a town to kill 50 people.
    I will add it to the list of reasons why I have a battle ready katana though.

  2. The story about the school exploding reminded me of a comedian I saw on TV. He told about natural gas being odorless and said that the odor was added for safety reasons. He said that the man responsible for the process is the only person who can actually brag about producing stinky gas! LOL

  3. MOO SNUCKLE Reply

    imagine being the first person to enter that gas cloud kill radius after it subsided. the silence would be terrifying, and literally any signs of life would be simply laying on the ground, dead from who knows what. itd be surreal as it gets

  4. Guy VanArsdall Reply

    May 28th 1977, Beverly Hills Supper Club fire in Southgate Kentucky claimed 165 live and injured another 200.

  5. ferociousgumby Reply

    A lot of these have already been covered at least once in other videos, not to mention other channels. New stuff, please.

  6. the overdone cutting out of pauses in speech is becoming really annoying and unnatural

  7. Ganieda Morgan Reply

    if you're going to repeat stories at least correct the errors

  8. Cephas Martin Reply

    The molasses disaster was NOT caused by a tank on a truck exploding. It was a 2 million gallon STORAGE TANK that was not made strong enough, nor was it properly tested before being filled with the molasses. The amount of molasses placed too much strain on the rivets holding the metal seams together. When the pressure became too great a seam split wide open causing the molasses flood.

  9. So Confused Reply

    Funny how you mention the bhopal incident but dont bother mentioning how it was a US incident that they tried to cover up and refused to pay damages etc. etc. it was a truly disgusting and truly american piece of history.

  10. GreyLady Bast Reply

    I was a near miss for the Station nightclub fire. The only reason I wasn't there is because my then-boyfriend was a space case. He'd planned to surprise me but screwed up the dates.

    The thought still gives me shivers…

  11. cristian castro Reply

    Ok There others like the chernobyl nuclear disaster..theres the nevado del ruiz volcamic disaster that was just started by melting snow it then created like a giant lahar mudslide created by heat from just a small insignificant volcanic eruption !! it killed 25000 people in the town of armero colombia.. theres the jonestown mass suicide by cult leader jim jones that killed almost 900 people in guyana…there s 911 twin tower attacks !! who ever thought that really happened..there the footbal war of july 1969 in central america that was ignited by a football qualifier it caused riots then war between el salvador and honduras killing about 2000 in 4 days and the uss indianapolis sinking that most people died from shark attack more than the attack on the ship..and then there was the voyage of the damned case in which an ocean liner named st louis was carrying jewish refugees from nazi germany tu cuba but no western countries wanted them in 3 requests and so the liner had to go back to europe and they were acepted by many countries but they met fate with nazi invaded european allies and many were executed.

  12. Your repeating yourself channel. We knew and you told us before.

  13. What was so 'bizarre' or 'unusual' about the mid-air collision?? Along with other mistakes and inaccuracies the production value really is poor in this video.

  14. Sean Costello Reply

    For fecks sake Simon. Boston was a holding tank. Stationary…and had been leaking for weeks. You even covered it yourself previously. Please fact check yourself!!!

  15. Barry Werdell Reply

    On the New London school explosion, you missed one small but interesting fact. After the disaster the town got a telegram of bereavement from the then Chancellor of Germany,
    Adolf Hitler!

  16. Rebecca Ridolfo Reply

    You forgot to mention that Union Carbide was found guilty in court, but STILL hasn't paid compensation

  17. wasn't the cause of the Boston molasses substandard steel used? (+ pressure from the higher temp and being full, I guess)

  18. Dyatlov Pass qualifies as a Top 10 disaster but Chernobyl does not. What's up with that, Simon?

  19. And yet again you do not adequately fact check. Boston Molasses Flood was a huge holding tank that burst, not some transport truck. Seriously, do you know of any street truck that can hold 2.3 million gallons? You just read the words without thinking don't you Simon? You think you're an information provider. Well, get your information right. You do this too many times, Simon. Shame.

  20. bryan smith Reply


  21. bryan smith Reply

    you have to wonder what disaster will be seen by our children or grandchildren :-(((

  22. Darth Vaper Reply

    My comment may be off-topic, just bear with me a lil' before choosing to label it too long, don't read. I was about to make some chicken soup today and I took my phone into the kitchen to have something on the background. Normally, I listen to music, but today I thought, let's pop in some Simon and watch a video or two. Now comes in my suggestion, I was watching a "Business Blaze" video and thought you guys must have tons of extra material when shooting the videos, before editing, with Simon's reaction and comments and generally him being himself. So why not make longer clips, with all these things added in instead of being cut. OK, sometimes the material does not go well with jokes, like I'm not saying to make comments and joke around if you're making a clip about some tragedy or objectively serious matters, but, once in a while, this could be a fun thing to do. Thoughts?

  23. The Bhopal disaster was the basis of one of the Baby Ganesh Detective Agency books by Vaseem Kahn.

  24. spaceAlien Rissley Reply

    Buddy Holly leaving Eagles club Milwaukee to iowa lots of ghosts in the eagles club/rave from concerts and its whole past pool room and ball room is the most

  25. Nikki Píŕáťé Reply

    Im soooo soooooooo sick of hearing about dylatov pass in so many different videos about so many different "top whatevers". Some how it is always slipped in somehow. Anyone who hasn't heard of it by now either doesn't follow strange happenings in our world/ history or is a child who will soon hear about it many many times to come.

  26. Barry Dysert Reply

    Come on Simon! 2.5 million gallons of molasses in a moving truck! It was a tank disaster not a truck disaster. I expect better attention to detail than that.

  27. It wasn't a molasses truck, it was a stationary onsite tank, no truck would hold that much of anything.

  28. Zeivu's Gaming Reply

    10. So that is where gw2 got inspiration from for their legendary bow…

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