Top 10 Biggest Douchebags in TV History

Let’s all thank our lucky stars that the biggest douchebags on TV are fictional! We’re looking at the most obnoxious TV characters who don’t quite cross over into straight-up villain territory. As such, outright evil characters like Negan and Joffrey need not apply. WatchMojo ranks the biggest douchebags on TV. Who do you think is TV’s biggest douchebag? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Which of these TV douchebags do you LOVE to hate?!

  2. Cartman is a villain. They confirmed it. He is the main antagonist of the entire show.

  3. Rick Sanchez is my favorite TV douchebag. Better than Eric Cartman.

  4. Why isn't Sheldon Cooper on the list? The guy in the whole 10 years (apart from the last scene in the final episode) is ungreatful, self-centered and constantly talking down of his friends accomplisments. He is patronizing, snob, incapable of complex social behaviour unless put in a strict set of rules, shoots spiteful comments on his friends, shows total disregard of theid problems… (really, I can go on for quite a while but you get the picture). I know that the character's whole behaviour is excused because "he means well", but that doesn't stop him from acting like a total douche.

  5. Where is uncle ruckus from the boondocks

  6. I hope I see frank on here

  7. What about Roger from American Dad?

  8. @PHOEBE 🤩 she's so beautiful.. #phoebe

  9. Brian Griffin should be #1

  10. Ok I love Phoebe she's so cute… but seriously Watchmojo you really need to stop giving away what #1 is with the thumbnail

  11. I love House. I wish more people were like him.

  12. kinda a sexist list much

  13. You’re being to hard on Andy. He was a jerk when he was first introduced, but he became nicer and more caring. The real jerks are his parents. His name used to be Walter jr. but they renamed him Andy when his little brother was born so it could be his name. They also gave him a ring to propose to his girlfriend and they took out the diamond so his brother could have it.

  14. Why I have a feeling Cartmen going to be top 1 without watching the video.

  15. How did Donald Trump not make the list? As stupid as he is he's about an inch from being a Cartoon character.

  16. Peter is way more of a douchbag then Brian. Also what about Bojack.

  17. Squidward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Rick better be on this list XD lol DB's always make shows better though tbh

  20. I can think of a couple older ones that should've been on the list. Like Wayne Arnold from The Wonder Years & one of the OG tv douchebags Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver.

  21. I'm surprised Kevin from Ed Edd and Eddy wasn't here.

  22. Andy bernard wasnt as much as a douche later on. And i love the guy

  23. How the Hell was George Costanza not #1?

  24. Eddie Haskell from "Leave it to Beaver". Arguably televisions first bag of douche.

  25. dare i say rumplestiltskin

  26. Brian Griffin is the voice of reasoning Peter is horrible to his family, friends and anyone he comes in contact with.


  28. The Comic Book Guy is a douche. I don’t see what his Japanese wife sees in him.

  29. I knew Cartman had to be on the list

  30. Down vote for talking about nonsense such as toxic masculinity

  31. How did you leave off Zach Morris?! There is an entire web series about how he is a completely trash human.

  32. #1, the entire Gemstone family.

  33. Where's #45 ? He's number 1 on my douchebag list

  34. Cartman and Brian, bigger Douchebags than Rick FUCKING Sanchez!?!?!?!?

  35. How about Roger from American Dad? He was a way bigger douche than Andy ever was.

  36. Where’s American dad’s Rodger?

  37. Feel like Cartman is full blown villain

  38. Why isn't Frank from Shameless on the list.

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