Top 10 Biggest Doctor Who Plot Twists

With all of time and space to work with… this show never fails to surprise! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the greatest plot twists in “Doctor Who” history. Including the likes of River Song, Donna Noble, Oswin, Amy and Adric, plus some iconic regeneration scenes, some of the greatest ever Dalek storylines, and a certain astronaut on the shores of a certain lake… these are the times when the “Doctor Who” writers really outdid themselves. Geronimo!
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  1. What about the face of boe?

  2. How about the fact that the war doctor is played by John hurt bet that shocked the hell out of a quite a few people, I mean the guy that Ollivander from Harry potter and Professor Broom in hellboy is the war doctor personally when I found out I said they must be joking.

  3. The Waters of Mars is one of my all time favourite episodes, and I interpreted it that she killed herself to prove the doctor wrong, not that she was scared of him.

  4. How many people can say that they wiped out the dinosaurs.

  5. How About when Master is revealed for the first time?

  6. Anyone else think James Marsters AKA Spike from Buffy would have been a good Doctor
    Dare I say cast instead of Capaldi or Hurt or Whitaker?

  7. Daleks are not xenophobes
    Daleks do not fear
    Daleks only know Logic and Hate and apparently beauty in hatred
    Davros programmed them to exterminate all other forms of life by any means necessary – so that his progeny would survive in infinity – for by destroying all other forms of life – they and his DNA could never be challenged and never go extinct
    And what is so disturbing about that is the sad truth that Davros is absolutely right!
    in animal evolution – species in the natural world are at some point challenged by another species whether it is a virus or mankind's intelligence vs beasts brute strength or Waring civilizations or nations or regimes or ideologies trying to outdo each other – there is only one choice – destroy the enemy, evolve and adapt – by it either animal in new environment or immunity to lethal action of a virus or peace treaty's or surrender and live under occupation or become nomads and settle elsewhere or evolve with new technology and values or DIE
    The Daleks are the Extreme in this case – a Parody of the Nazis and now arguably the Hutu Militia/Khmer Rouge/ISIS

  8. There's a lot of bigger and better twists. Like the Daleks coming out of the void ship. Professor Yana being the master. Jack being the face of Boe.
    But I can forgive them not making the list. What should be at the top of the list however is the reveal that Wilfred is ultimately the one who brings about the 10th Doctors death.
    Also everyone knew about the war doctor. In the movie the 8th doctor decides he needs to become a warrior and regenerates. Then the 9th doctor has clearly just regenerated when we first see him. And obviously he didn't fight an entire war in just a few moments so there had to be one between 8 and 9.

  9. Watchmojo UK is basically watchmojo but with a 20% of doctor who

  10. The Valyard should've been number one and the War Doctor should've been number two.

  11. I like the reveal when the guy trapped in an alternate dimension is shown to only be surviving by his will and he has no more of an actual body.

  12. The biggest is gender swapping. Something that's totally bogus.

  13. War Doctor as Doctor 8.5 because hey let's screw the 8th Doctor again……..

  14. Huh, no Bad Wolf/Jack's Resurrection?

  15. #1 turning the doctor into a woman and therefore the whole show into a massive sjw shit show

  16. This list kind of shows what made me hate Moffats era, all his stories were convoluted for the sake of twists. I'll forever miss RTD.

  17. Wheres Bad wolf

  18. What about the "Four knocks" plot twist?? I mean… 😭😭😭

  19. why isn’t rivers identity higher? and were is all of the saxon mentions? but at least the doctordonna was 2nd which shook me 🤯

  20. the one-eyed hand creatures inspired the daleks one eye 🙂

  21. Nearly spat my drink out when it was revealed she was a ganger

  22. The biggest plot twist of Dr Who was that the show actually sucks.

  23. If the doctor starts regenerating when astronaut river shoots him, why is it that he says he can’t regenerate at the end of Matt smiths rein and needs the time lords to give him some new regenerations?

  24. Yesterday, I thought "It would be great a top 10 plot twists in Doctor Who"
    Today, I search to see if it exists and big coincidence, yes it does, since yesterday

  25. How come the 11th doctor can regenerate after getting shot by the astronaut? Even though he has no more regenerations.

  26. The 12th doctor remembering why he chose Peter Capaldi's face is very emotional.

  27. Honourable Mention…

    This person you want to marry … Black?
    I'm a little more liberal than people…
    He is.

    Not really a plot twist but it was so beautifully executed. Makes me chuckle every time.

  28. You always gotta pander to the horny 14 year old girls with 11th Doct

  29. All those twists and you couldn't do a top 20 you WM have done a disservice

  30. Melody Pond is actually Song River, as melody is translated into Song and Pond is River. So yh.

    Ik they switched it round but this annoyed me a bit

  31. Doctor Donna is one of the single greatest contributions to Doctor Who. Tate is absolutely golden.

  32. When the boy said his name was Davros how did the Doctor know it was the same Davros if Davros is a name he can't be the only being named Davros

  33. What? No Bad Wolf Rose Tyler? Or Bad Wolf at end of Turn Left

  34. havent watched s6 in a while srry but how long did they travel with the fake amy?

  35. The new doctor is not the real doctor. She's a cosplaying imposter! The new doctor who is shit!

  36. The best plot twist was the knock 4 times thing. People thought it was the master but it wasn't!

  37. series 6 the series of plot twists 🙂

  38. "Madam Inquisitor, this revelation should halt this trial immediately. Surely even Gallifreyan law cannot allow someone to be both Prosecutor and Defendant."

  39. Now Adric will never know if he was right

  40. Not there yet but surely Missy is number one?

  41. Why wasn't "River is Molody Pond" higher up on the list? Like, seriously, "The Doctor saving Davros" wasn't as shocking as that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. The War doctor was a horrible plot device. And I am glad Moffatt is no longer running the show.

  43. Imagine that! Being pregnant for a full term and not only being none the wiser about that, but also at the end, waking up after being told that that horrific pain you've been having is labor pain, in a tube, on your back, at stage two and being forced to give birth to a baby you didn't know you were having while this creepy woman watches you, then being given a flesh child and having your baby kidnaped!. I think Amy has earned a brake.

  44. How could Captain Jack being the face of How not make this list.

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