Top 10 BIGGEST Cartoon Reveals

Some cartoon mysteries we never get a proper answer to, but sometimes we’re lucky enough to get a satisfying reveal! These are the reveals that finally gave us an answer for what we’re always wondering, from Ben 10, Avatar the Last: Airbender, Futurama to Steven Universe, here are the the TOP 10 WTF CARTOON REVEALS!

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Written by: Shane Verkest
Hosted by: Shane Verkest
Edited by: Joshua Criger
Produced by: Kevin Williams

Graphics by CabooseJr

Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!

This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under “fair use” under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.

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  1. i got really confused when finn revealed his hair

  2. I wonder what penny's dad looks like then

  3. Number 7: As a kid I just thought he was made that way

  4. How is called song that is playing while "6" is on an pulpit ? Where is that from ?

  5. >Eternal emo character
    Lapis a shit, bro

  6. A very inventive and entertaining way to guest star someone.

  7. Well obviously there playing basketball wrong lol how is ripping off someone’s eye and arm not even a foul

  8. Umm cough cough*. Stanley’s brother *cough cough

  9. I don’t know about you but my biggest question was who wrote the diaries not who bill was bc he was just a strange as dude

  10. How about the rest of penny's family

  11. No what I need to know is what’s under Double d’s hat


  13. Wow…. I thought the Rose Quartz reveal would have been on the list instead since that’s truly the biggest bombshell of them all in the show.

  14. Literally all of the reveals in Gravity Falls were freakin insane.

  15. He was a reveal because everyone wanted to know who made the books

  16. My dumb ass used to believe roku wasn’t really dead…. yeah

  17. 13:24 wasn’t that music at the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

  18. Today, a new moment is added to the list

  19. Mezasu basho to wa mada minu sadame Chikazuite kuru kessen no toki Utsubeki piriodo wa.. STAAH PLATCHINUMU

  20. ++++++😍😍😍

  21. I know this video was out before the Steven Universe movie but I definitely think that Spinel's backstory was the biggest reveal in Steven Universe.

  22. Ive never seen Ducktales in this kind of vids

  23. I wish they would have revealed what was under Kick Buttowski's helmet (I'm going to assume he's either bald or has really greasy hair since he never takes his helmet off, except for that one episode where he lost it), but that's never gonna happen because the show got cancelled 7 years ago.

  24. at 19:02 if you slow it down you can see the future episode stan is not what he seems

  25. fucks sake stop misusing the word "prolific", sounds like this was written by a 10 year old

  26. 19:00
    yooo, i forgot about gravity falls. That was my fav show for so long!

  27. The biggest reveal of all time was Zane from Lego Ninjago being a GOD DAMN ROBOT

  28. #8- should of just made a Season 4:(

  29. That’s a narwhal and for adventure time it’s a mask not hat

  30. So I thought I would give this video a chance. Imagine my disappointment when it started with a "big reveal" of… Finn's hair? Really? FINN'S HAIR? FINN'S FREAKING SHINY (probably stinky) HAIR??? SERIOUSLY? Way to go dampening my enthusiasm with a bucketful of ice cold water! Way to drop my expectation to ground level! I was tempted to skip the video entirely.

    As a whole, I guess this video's okay. But I wouldn't use "biggest" in most of the the cases cited.

  31. I wouldve thought the kenny face reveal on south park was biggeat

  32. Hey guys look I found nemo!!

  33. I remember my sis showing my dad gravity falls, and when the plot twist of the Stan twins was reveal, he just get so impressed, and became more fanatic in the series, It was as same as good as the Bill reveal.

  34. we can all agree with number one

  35. Really, LAPIS is Steven Universe's biggest reveal? Not the truth about Rose? I love Lapis, but u crazy dude.

  36. what no ko's father being dr venamous and dr venamous being lazerblast!!!!!

  37. The one reveal we will never get is what’s under Double D’s hat

  38. This man has changed my life. Subscribed for life

  39. fosters home for imaginary friends is just People with stands that can be seen

  40. 1st Sozin didn't start out as a crazy dictator, merely someone who wanted to spread the Fire Nation's prosperity. It was when Roku & Sozin had their 1st disagreement he decided to secretly annex parts of the Earth Kingdom with his military. You forget that Roku was the guy who attacked Sozin & humiliated him that day Roku spared his life. Sozin helped Roku save the island, although chose to leave him to die from the toxic volcanic gases to carry out his plans for conquest.

    Roku ending his friendship with Sozin led to all the good intentions the Fire Lord once had being replaced by genocide against the Air Nomads to prevent a younger avatar from interfering with him. There are theories that Sozin was reincarnated into Zuko & that the creation of Republic City was Aang realizing that perhaps trying to unite the world was for the best after the war. The reincarnations of friends turned enemies were enemies turned friends who worked together to make the world better according to this theory. Aang himself believed that the message was about how friendships can last between life times at the end of said episode.

  41. The biggest IMO was when the planet in BeastWars was revealed to be Earth

  42. Thanks for not putting pink diamond's real identity 1st place

  43. The first show on here is Spectacular Spider-Man. This is going to be good

  44. lapis: my gem is broken…i couldn't do anything even if i wanted to

    steven: lol i got healy healz

  45. who else just skipped to the cartoons they were interested in

  46. Why isnt the Perry The Plati
    ypus is Agent P Number 1 ? Bad List 😞😞😞

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