Top 10 Best YouTube Horror Storytellers

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Welcome to TopX, the show where we countdown the good, the bad and the ugly of YouTube. For this list, we’re looking at the best channels for telling scary stories; don’t turn out the lights for this one. Today we’re taking a look at the top 10 horror story narrators on YouTube.

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10. MrCreepyPasta
9. Lazy Masquerade
8. CreepsMcPasta
7. Something Scary
6. Being Scared
5. Let’s Read!
4. Doctor Horror

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  1. If you like movies and YouTube, be sure to check out this other video from our TopX series, Top 10 YouTube Movie Critics!

  2. I am glad you actually put Lazy Masquerade on the list BUT….. he should of been at least top 3 On the list. He is an amazing reader.



  5. Mr nightmare’s old ones are golden

  6. Worst lol mrcreepypasta
    Best mrnightmare?!?? Really?

  7. I hope to marry someone with a voice similar to Mr. Nightmare… 😗

  8. Glad Mr. Nightmare was number one!

  9. Thank you for this video. I LOVE THIS!!! Lazy Masquerade should have been higher though. He, Mr. Nightmare, and Corpse Husband are my favorites. These three are my top three. Speaking of Mr. Nightmare I totally agree with your number one choice.

  10. Y'all forgot mr. Creeps…

  11. What about llama arts he’s number 1 for me

  12. Nice list but I would have also included darkness prevails,blue spooky,llama arts and wansee entertainment 🙂

  13. Urmaker – Darkness Prevails – Mortis Media – Creepy Pasta Jr – Creeps McPasta – Mr. Nightmare – Being Scared – The Paranormal Scholar – Corpse Husband – Let’s Read – Clancy Pasta – Creepy Ghost Stories – the Dark Somnium- Be.Busta – kingspook – swamp dweller … know I’m missing a couple but I’m half asleep! I But this is my perfect list!

  14. MR.NIGHTMARE!!!! Great Choice for Number 1

  15. I love listening to let's read stories while I'm in my car driving to work

  16. I wished Madame Macabre was on the list

    She also makes her own creepypasta and makes songs about creepypasta

  17. Mr Nightmare is solid! I also like Reignbot!

  18. Where's That Creepy Reading? He puts a lot of emotion into his videos which makes his videos to me very relatable or whatever

  19. Corpse Husband’s voice is so chilling but soothing at the same time as well a bit expressive

  20. I just woke up from a nap with a playlist full of most of these channels playing in my headphones

  21. SOMETHING SCARY!!! HOLY SHIT I LOVE SNARLED!!! I submitted a story to them (The Little Medium)

  22. Mr. Nightmare got me into horror stories

  23. No voice can compete with night mind. Period.

  24. CreepsMcPasta deserved a higher spot than 8… just saying

  25. Wheres the good Dr Creepens shout out?

  26. Love all these narrators! But how do you leave out Chilling Tales for Dark Nights?!

  27. Dr Creepen and Creepsmcpasta all day!

  28. My favorites include:
    MrCreepyPasta, CreepsMcPasta, Kingspook, That Creepy Reading (when he still narrated Creepypastas), Otis Jury (I love how he just sounds like a grandpa telling his grandkids scary stories) and ClancyPasta.

  29. Wooow. I love all of them 😍👍 they're all good.

  30. Mr creepypasta is a criminal who deserves to get the death penalty so no he should not be on here lazy masquerade is awful and is bad at narrating creepsmcpasta has a very annoying voice and his stories are cliched snarled is really stupid I’ve never heard of being scared Let’s read is absolutely awesome and he is really good I’ve never heard of doctor horror before be busta is okay but not to good corpse husband is really good mr nightmare is alright

  31. Yooooo CreepsMcpasta boiss we made it!

  32. Lets Read, Lazy, Mr Nightmare and Corpse Husband are my top 4 <3

  33. Hey did you know about "chills"

  34. but i do agree to #BEINGSCARED is a good one.. and #LETSREAD

  35. hello @watchmojo have u ever heard CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHT? its the most and maybe the best channel in creeppy pasta genre it has many narrator or try to listen to G. M DANIELS maybe? he has the creepy voice with exaggeration hehehehe… but still so creeepy.. i can tell this bcoz ive listen to those who you have listed… but no channel can close to crerpy # chillingtalesfordarknight.. please try to listen and tell me what you think. ..please #watchmojo

  36. yesssss Mr. Nightmare is my all time favorite!!

  37. You all should check out @The Dark Somnium his videos are always a interesting watch.

  38. i am subscribed to most of the channels here, 8/10. haha

  39. Wtf? What about lady mccreepster, drcreepen, nope too scary, etc. Wtf mates!!

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