Top 10 Best Video Games for Causing Chaos

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If you’re one of those “watch the world burn” types of players, these games were made just for you. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re looking at the Top 10 Best Games for Causing Chaos.

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  1. Where's the Mercenaries Series?

  2. I love the fact that destroy all humans made the list but where the hell is twisted metal?

  3. Of course it’s GTA

  4. Doom 2016
    Doom Eternal
    Red Faction


  5. The Mercenaries Series, specifically Mercenaries 2 World in Flames. You can pretty much level Venezuela and by god its awesome.

  6. Didn't watch yet but calling GTA number 1

  7. Didn't know the chewits dinosaur was in the rampage game lol also mercenaries should have at least got a mention

  8. Ummmm…


  9. I can understand there are too much games to all appear in this list, but i'll remember Jake 2 Renegade because i loved stealing Krimzon guards vehicles and counting the exact time i was able to survive while chased by them and still causing absolute chaos in Haven city

  10. Saint row should be number 1.  The Septic Avenger

  11. The chaos games I remember playing were BattleTanx: Global Assault and Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense.

  12. hmmmmmm… i wonder if GTA, just cause or saints row will be in the top 5? and i bet they don't even mention red faction or sim city

  13. Where is infamous second son?

  14. What, no Infamous franchise? You can sure cause more than a little mayhem in those games.

  15. No Mercenaries? This list is complete trash.

  16. I'm glad to see that Prototype made it as a mention but honestly should be on the list because it was the same guys who made the Hulk game

  17. Red Faction Guerrilla

  18. Shin Megami Tensei

  19. I understand why it's not on the list, but since i'm currently playing it, Middle Earth: Shadow of War should be mentioned.

  20. Grand Theft Auto games!

    Creating chaos never gets old for me.

  21. I didn't know there was a destroy all humans remake comming, I never played the original it seems like a really fun game

  22. Why didn't you guys include red faction guerrilla

  23. Thumbs up 👍🏿 if you loved playing Destroy All Humans when you were a kid

  24. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction needs to be combined with the mechanics and environment of Prototype

  25. How is Eve online not on this list?

  26. Overlord was overlooked 🙁

  27. The Red Dead Redemption is the cowboy version of GTA, where it's set on the past; whereas, Saint Row is also an alternate version of the Rockstar game franchise, but with superpowers.

  28. War of the Monsters anyone?

  29. Plague Inc., twisted metal series, RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive

  30. bang bang bang
    Claude collapses in pool of blood
    Cop: You're under arrest!
    Me: Right…..

  31. They shouldv'e put the LEGO games in there


  33. "in the mood for more awesome gaming content be sure check out this video here on mojo plays" video being shown has nothing related to video games

  34. Earth defense force should be here

  35. No borderlands? really? Well i guess it isn't really chaos your causing in terms of destructible stuff,people and creatures yeah but not so much the world around you

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