Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2019

If you haven’t seen them already, the best TV shows of 2019 need to be on your watch list. We’re looking at the most critically acclaimed television shows of 2019. We’re including new shows and miniseries, as well as new seasons of returning shows. WatchMojo ranks the best TV shows of 2019. What’s your favorite show of the decade? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Not even a mention of Euphoria? :O I was so sure it would be #1. Or was it released in 2018?

  2. No place for Dark Season 2 😔

  3. Watch mojo used to make decent lists.. what happened? Terrible now

  4. Uses the mandolorian as the thumbnail, puts it in honourable mention…

  5. Just saw UNDONE and its incredible…both in style and content.

  6. You guys never watched dark in netflix

  7. the boys should be no.1

  8. Well excuse me, but Euphoria should be #1, thank you very much. Or at least on the list. Stranger Things could have been knocked off or even Succession. Cause it's not like we haven't heard their stories before.

  9. Pause 1:00 Mindhunter was freaking incredible. So far I'm on board with this list… and on we go 🙂

  10. Russian doll was not good, don’t see the hype

  11. Watchmen is good and Mind Hunter season 2 was a masterpiece Stranger things was ok.

  12. Haunting of hill house 😍🔥🔥✨


  14. Sweet baby yoda bringing the world together

  15. If we're talking just about shows that the entire season was contained in this year my list would include One Day At A Time, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Sex Education, and Jane The Virgin. Also love The Good Place and Superstore. I get the value of these drama series but they're so not my thing.

  16. I like the show Barry but people need to calmTF down about it. It's good but it is not nearly the best show of the year.

  17. Swap the boys and watchmen. Watchmen is trash

  18. What happened to 13 Reasons Why

  19. Legion season 3!!???

  20. Fleabag above Chernobyl? Thumbs down.

  21. GoT season 8 might be the most disappointing season ever in history of tv shows

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