Top 10 BEST TV Couples of 2019

Top 10 BEST TV Couples of 2019 // Subscribe:
New love, old love, and perfect love blossomed among these TV couples of 2019. While most of these couples predate the year, the focus is on their 2019 season. Naturally, some spoilers will be included. MsMojo ranks the best TV couples of 2019. Which couple is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Who the hell did Betty and jughead top Jake and Amy? Bughead isn’t cute and not to mention comes from a horrible tv show but Jake and Amy are a normal couple they have ups and downs realistic fights and a healthy strong relationship

  2. Riverdale is garbaaaaaaaage


  4. "There is no answer. Eleanor is THE answer."

  5. You all had me with all the couples. All of them, until you got to number 1. Seriously, Jane and Rafael. These two are more than likely getting divorced when Mateo turns eighteen and goes to college. Or maybe, I'm wrong because Jane and Raf are both trash and maybe they do belong together. Either way, boo to the first choice. BOO!!!

  6. Yayy Rafael and Jane are #1

  7. Where TF is Jason Mendoza and Janet?

  8. Me just skipping through until I get to Malec

  9. Peraltiago and Bughead Shipper here!!

  10. I love Jane and Raf 💛

  11. Yes Jane and Rafael was the perfect choice for #1 I can't argue with that

  12. Way to make Peraltiago the thumbnail then make them #4. Also Cheleanor definitely deserve better than #7.

  13. 10. Meridith Grey and Andrew Deluca- Grey’s Anatomy
    9.Rue Bennett and Jules Bonn- Euphoria
    8.Elana Alvarez and Sid- One day at a time
    7.Elanor and Sherry – The Good Place
    6.the priest and fleabag- Fleabag
    5.David and Patric-Shitt’s Creek
    4.Jake and Amy-Brooklyn 99
    3.Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones- Riverdale
    2.Magnus and Alec-Shadow Hunters
    1.Jane Villanueva and Rafael Solano❤️❤️❤️

  14. Bughead shippers… ASSEMBLE

  15. Malec not #1?!!! Dissappointed.

  16. I wasn't ready to be attacked by Malec!!!!!! Ah Thank you!!! <3

  17. It hurst to see how many people don't know and ignore FITZSIMMONS!! 💔💔

  18. Ok my favorites from this list are Chidi & Eleanor and Jake & Amy!!

  19. I love Jane the Virgin 🥰😋

  20. nico and carolina-runaways
    sara lance and ava sharpe-legends of tomorrow
    randle and beth-this is us
    oliver and connor-how to get away with murder

  21. I'm a simple gal. I see Peraltiago I click. (Title of my sex tape)

  22. Jamie and Claire are always #1. And where are Lucifer and Chloe?

  23. Where are ALL the Èlite couples?

  24. So umm Cassie and Izzie?

  25. Who picked up the 99?

  26. So Not here for Jane and Rafael couldn’t even finish the season after what they did to michael now Petra and jr I would’ve liked to see

  27. Ugh how did Betty and jughead make it so high he is supposed to be Asexual

  28. Love that Bughead are #3. But Choni also deserve a place in this. They weren't even an honorable mention.

  29. Malec should've been #1. They are by far the best couple.

  30. All of these are AMAZING

  31. Jane and Rafael, Jake and Amy = Perfection

  32. i’m sorry but imagine thinking bughead is better than peraltiago… the lack of taste…

  33. What's with putting so many same sex couples on the list?

  34. I love these TV couples!

  35. Where are Dansen (Alex and Kelly) Supergiel and Avalence (Sara and Ava) Dc Legends of tomorrow.

  36. Now add Gallavich to the list! They are OWNING s10 of Shameless so far 😍

  37. Malec ❤️🥺

  38. Ok, so you guys left Amy and Jake, and Fleabag and Hot Priest out of the top 3. I'm done.

  39. Yesss there's malec and clace ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Amy and Jake are awesome🥰💜👍

  41. Logan and Veronica I mean even with that ending they still deserved one final shout out


  43. not even Captain Holt and Kevin from B99, I'm disappointed

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