Top 10 Best Tom Ford Fragrances

My Favorite Tom Ford Colognes. Top 10 Fragrance Recommendations.
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  1. Whats your Favorite Tom Ford? #fragrancearmy

  2. Owning those fragrences would be a MIRACLE.

  3. I still like your video than demi rawling because she gets kinda bias with Parfums de Marly

  4. Amazing video jeremy. Fucking Fabulous Noir de Noir Tobacco Vanille and Oud Wood are my favorites

  5. Why do I feel like oud wood smells like an old women? I was kinda disappointed tbh

  6. What about Plum Japonais? Anyone got a review on that? Not sure if it has been discontinued or not…

  7. I own seven out of ten of these. I’d have to say while my favorite used to be Oud Wood, I’m now nose blind to it. Tuscan Leather currently takes the crown for an anytime scent whereas Tobacco Vanille is the special occasioner.

    Jeremy, go on eBay and find one of the discontinued RL Black Label suits in your size. Trust me.

  8. Superb! My fave fragrances are TF,,,interesting, unique blends that often at first make me question them. Hate? Wait,,no LOVE. And then the addiction kicks in and I must have it.

  9. best way to wear free fragrance

  10. I accidentally bought tobacco oud and thought it smelled nasty. Bought oud wood and found it amazing….

  11. Black Orchid is amazing! ❤️

  12. This is the content we come here for. Great video Jeremy.

  13. Jeremy seems very honest about his reviews even though he is very charismatic. Placing Oud Wood above even his own oud fragrance in this video is one example

  14. i went into Saks the other day and picked up four of these bottles….i think i made the sales person's day!!

  15. For me it’s Oud Wood. It always gets compliments from ladies which puts you in a good mood and a bit of a confidence booster 🤙🏻

  16. I have tobacco oud…. 10 sprays of this is mental. People will tell you to take a shower.

  17. Costa Azzurra is my favorite TF perfume ever

  18. Fabulous smells like Parfums de Marley Pegasus to me. Still both amazing.

  19. My all time #1 .. tobacco vanille

  20. 10. Neroli Portofino
    9. Tuscan Leather
    8. Noir Extreme
    7. Black Orchid
    6. Noir De Noir
    5. Oud Wood
    4. Soleil Blanc
    3. Fu¢king Fabulous
    2. Tobacco Vanille
    1. Tobacco Oud

  21. Still haven't tried tobacco oud. Great list, also love plum japonais

  22. A big thumbs up for this innovative ambience for fragrance review. Totally Aced up the frag game ❣️❣️❣️

  23. My top5
    1. Tobacco Vanille
    2. Noir Extreme
    3. Oud Wood
    4. Noir de Noir
    5. Grey Vet. EDP

  24. @Jeremy Fragrance What do you think of " Lost Cherry "?

  25. King Jeremy at it again. Pure and honest review. As for me White Patchouli is one of my fave Tom Ford fragance.

  26. Jeremy could you please do a video on layering Tom Ford fragrances? Your thoughts on what works best for winter and summer. I’m currently layering Oud Wood and Lost Cherry. I like it, but I’ve never received any compliments at all on anything good or bad.

  27. Black orchid is just plain disgusting. Grey vetiver belongs in the Top 10.

  28. ⭐ Noire De Noir ♥️ Oud Wood ⭐

  29. I need to try tobacco oud.. Ive liked dark scents like dark rebel before, but not sure how that compares to this one.

  30. Excellent video Jeremy👍🏼
    Keep up the good work!

  31. These are the kind of videos where Jeremy shines brightest 🌞🌞🌞🌞

  32. this is what i wanted!!!!

  33. I think Tuscan Leather is top 3.

  34. Not ombré leather!?

  35. I really like Jeremy and I think he is also a great person inside, but I personally don't belief he never took cocain. Even understood one comment of him differently once. I think if he took it, would be very sympathetic and authentic if dared to say so. It's not a shame.

  36. TOM FORD NOIR EXTREME OR BLEU DE CHANEL? Please guys help me!

  37. If you don't know Jeremy's number 1 Tom Ford at this point, then you haven't been paying attention. 😉

  38. ombre leather and oud minerale. thats my top from TF

  39. Really enjoying Soleil Neige right now.

  40. Why can't you blend perfumes and make a vid

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