Top 10 Best Special Effects

Welcome to a video about the top 10 special effects I have used in my videos.
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  1. I remember being broken hearted after finding out that the rocket was only special effects back then… Hard times

  2. Stampy when he uses special effects he has his own special way and look.

  3. those pour five year olds who have been thinking it was all real until now

  4. I think this was recommended to me because I started binging the terraria series

    Btw, nice series

  5. This has to mean the serious might end soon

  6. Don't let them know we have to hide this

  7. My favourite special effect is that mysterious white writing that appears at the start of the episode

  8. People who dislike this are people who are people who didn’t watch him

  9. The best effect Stampy made was the one in my heart

  10. Please make a video of who plays the characters of your minecraft helpers 😊

  11. The trees were slowly appearing on the branches lol

  12. Insert Obama putting a medal on Obama

  13. Stampy really had run out of ideas, eh?

  14. Did stampy just foreshadow fizzy being a cookie monster

  15. Can you please continue wonder quest?

  16. My childhood is a lie

  17. Sb is better than you loser

  18. Your vids are dumb and terrible

  19. Hi Stampy, I love watching your videos with my kids 😀 My daughter wants to make Minecraft videos with you one day…but she said you will have to buy Minecraft…and a computer…oh, and teach her how to play Minecraft 😄
    (it was adorable, and she thinks you would do that because she's 9 and autistic 😊)

  20. Nothing can ruin the story stampy

  21. I used to call you stempleh when I was 4

  22. Stampy thank you for making my childhood I always believe the special effects were real as a kid

  23. All the memories 😭😭😭

  24. Dear Stampy,

    You may not see this,

    You made an impact in my life
    Everyday when I come back from school I look forward to your new videos
    From googlies to hit the target to everything that you do.
    So far, the best effect you have every made are the effects you made in 10 yr olds’ lives

    Thank you for everything stampy.

  25. When will you play terraria again?

  26. Stampy: *this video may ruin the magic of the story*
    Me: “so… he didn’t really go to the moon?”

  27. When I was younger, I thought that these effects were real. Then after playing Minecraft for a while and as I got older, I realized that the effects couldn't possibly be real, just edited. But knowing the reality behind the magic didn't make me enjoy the Lovely World videos any less!

  28. Stampy you’re the greatest role model ever!

  29. I thought they were real lol

  30. I can’t believe stamps is still posting it’s been so long the first video I ever watched was Disney infinity Donald Duck quest

  31. Pls bring back terraria

  32. When stampy teleported, Dio time stopped.

  33. When i was younger i thought you could actualy make vehicles and stuff in minecraft. Really great video stamps now i know how you do that stuff

  34. I remember watching these videos when I was about 9 and thinking all of the things he did where real and trying to recreate them

  35. When I figured out that the SS stampy actually wasn’t a working ship I was heartbroken

  36. Bring back lovely world!!

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