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  1. I can't help but notice — Federer and Nadal celebrate winning points but they stay themselves. Everyone else wants to wave their arms and direct the crowd to make noise. I mean, they can all do what they want but we all know which way is classy.

  2. Mike Atkins Reply

    that point number 3, you could tell at the end of it Djokovic was like "wtf, can you stop hitting so hard? I can only get so many of those back". lol. it was a classic 'funnier the longer it lasts' point.

    You know, that sad thing is from a viewpoint of a Rafa fan, I cant help but think that Zverev was the catalyst to nadal's whole tournament. It was the most inopportune time to lose to a player he had a staggering h2h record over already, and that one loss determined everything. I bet my bottom dollar that if Rafa had won that first Zverev match he would've went on to win the tournament for the first time ever. Djokovic wasn't 100% this time around and Federer got hammered by Stefanos in the semis and Nadal had the formula to beat him the previous round. I bet since it looked like a tired or slightly off fed, that was Rafa's chance to beat him at this tournament. It would've been an almost guaranteed title after the Federer match for Nadal, and that's showing no discredit to thiem or stefanos. Crazy how things work out and the lousy format of this tournament produced the result it did in semi lineup determination. At the end of the day, its a great day for the young gen of this sport and they really proved they are the next ones to take over the mantle. They really are the next great talents in the sport. Hopefully Nitto doesn't serve to be an asterisk on Nadals resume that will haunt him after he retires. He doesn't have many chances left to win it.

  3. At least half the videos featured Rafa. They could have chosen different number one. There were better shots and rallies they could have picked.

  4. I've watched this a few times. So glad I subscribed to this channel.

  5. Gilles Susant Reply

    How on Earth could they make a missed point one of the greatest of the tournament? Greatest points whatever the tournament always should be in the winning points.

  6. Rockin' Records Reply

    For me, and according the results of the following matches, it's like Nadal has won this competition.
    He played very well, being, in spite of the first match, unbeatable against two very tough opponents like Medvedev – who needed that victory to survive – and Tsitsipas – who won the championship. He would have won against Federer and in the final I think he would have not lost the occasion to achieve this important target. So only a little regret, what you showed for me is already enough, Master. <3

  7. Hiren patel Reply

    Where is zverev's other running forehand against nadal ???
    That was the shot of the tournament, not this djokobitch's point against thiem…

  8. Good to see the next generation making the moves congratulations toTsitsipas fantastic tournament .

  9. TuCara MeSuena Reply

    Muy malo el top ten hubo jugadas mucho mejores que estas quien armó esto ?

  10. Mayank Sharma Reply

    4:22 I can never believe and forget that shot. How on earth did Thiem do that ? Even on a fast court, its seemingly impossible to do.

  11. Ramone Cricket Reply

    Rafa's winners are just the best. Although Thiem hit some absolute rockets against Djokovic.

  12. Wonderlandian Reply

    How could the Tsitsipas – Federer rally at 5-3 40-40 in the first set not be in this?

  13. At Djokovic Thiem match was sweat and treats. Fucking hard fight!

    That’s AMAZING

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