Top 10 Best Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield have been out for over a week now and they’ve been an absolute blast. And while I still have a few things to discover in the games, I have seen all of the new Pokemon and Galarian forms the games introduced and I’ve got to say, this is one of the strongest Pokedexes in the entire series. So it’s only natural that I give you guys my Top 10 Best Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Now naturally this video contains spoilers on the Pokemon introduced so if you’re still trying to discover everything yourself you’ll want to turn away now and come watch this video another time. There are many different factors that determine what I personally define as the best, and they range from their incredible designs to even just the concept of what they’re based on. I think we can keep this intro short then and just hop into the list.
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  1. 1. Dreepy/Drakloak/Dragapult (little dart babies!!)
    2. Flapple (it's basically a bakugan and it's adorbs)
    3. Centiskorch (long boi)
    4. Appletun (absolute unit)
    5. Sobble / Drizzile / Inteleon (its design actually looks good in action poses)
    6. Arctozolt (cutest one of the four fossil chimeras)
    7. Grimmsnarl (me and the boys sneaking into the galar dex)
    8. Corviknight (crows and knights are cool)
    9. Runerigus (cooler than co[redacted]rigus)
    10. Sirfetch'd (some love for farfetch'd nice)

  2. In terms of design my favorite is corviknight, but overall the design of Pokemon in this Galar region has been meh to be honest.

  3. alolan ninetales : originally evolve with fire stone (gen1). Now its fairy/ice

    galarian rapidash : originally evolve with fire stone (again from gen 1). Now its fairy/psychic

    Future arcanine?, he also need fire stone. Could it be fairy/rock, from shiisa statue

  4. Does anyone know if their Going to add mythical pokemon or even do like a lengendary trio???

  5. Comparing those fossil Pokémon to the pictures of Omastar and Kabutops it’s amazing how far Pokemon designs have fallen. I respect your opinions but to actually think this is one of the strongest Pokédex’s is very peculiar

  6. 1:54 Please don't encourage the Pokemon Company to make another Ultra Sun and Moon situation. We don't need a revisit to a new region one year after its release. We can go a year without a new game.
    3:17 Free DLC?! From POKEMON?!?! HahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Like they'd miss a chance to make even more money! Seriously, Gen8 has only served to emphasis how greedy the Pokemon Company is. GameFreak may have made mistakes but they've got these guys for bosses. Go after the real villains.

  7. These fossils are terrible. Remind me of early No Man's Sky creatures.

  8. I just wish Rapidash had wings too.

  9. You put the fossils here…. so I had to dislike

  10. I love how copperajah is green, when copper rusts it goes green and in the UK especially where I'm from its used on top of buildings for the green astaetic. It's such a cleverly designed and named Pokémon 😍

  11. Number 1 is the reason I picked Shield. 🙂

  12. Cant believe they made a england region and they didnt include a music sort of pokémon, besides rillaboom and maybe toxtricity? atleast we can say that galar darmanitan is an "Arctic Monkey"

  13. No Pokemon can beat Rapidash's beauty and grace….Milotic: Hold my Heart Scale

  14. Awesome video!But two questions:1. Will you be reviewing/looking into the anime's new season?2. How do you do the Eeevee to Umbreon animation for your Top 5/10 videos?

  15. To me Intelion is the better starter and Cinderace is just decent

  16. Pyro ball is good but inteleon has the legendary finger pistol

  17. Wait… Darmanitan is a sword exclusive, and the gym leader who has one is one of the shield exclusives?
    Nintendo truly trolls hard

  18. Centiscorch, frostmoth, falinks, dragapult, intellion, thievul, boltund, corviknight, orbeetle & duralodon

  19. Galarian rapadash sucks it doesn't look at all magestic/mystical, it looks more like a middle aged, heavy set soccer mom/real house wife

  20. Yeah I’m sorry to say but Galarian Rapidash is trash and looks like it to

  21. This video should be called “top 10 of my favourite Pokémon” 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. Shiny hunting Toxtricity: Do you feel luck? Well do you, punk.

  23. Galarian Ponyta is my favourite too! (Also Rapidash)

  24. Im glad galar pokemon got gigantamax forms but i don't know about squidwards house

  25. It’s a combination of copper and maharajah, copperaj…?

  26. those fossil pokémon r actually hella creative

  27. Where's the Obstagoon love? ;-;

  28. I'd like to see the original pokemon as well as a mixing the rest of the options


  30. 3:03 In the Gen 8 class album
    Most likely to be our Region's Charzard/ Houndoom/Absol/ Lucario/Zorark/Hawlucha/Mimikuy
    Seriously is there anyone who didn't use Toxistry? I doubt it because of how cool it is

  31. me picking the water starter cause I know everybody is gonna pick the fire starter

  32. Cool editing, I love your channel thank you for the awesome work and content

  33. My favorite Pokémon in Sword and Shield is Indeedee just because she/he got indeed in the name

  34. they just wanted a zorro pokemon

  35. How to get a fish fossil in pokemon shield???

  36. About the "the low-key form is better suited for special attackers" thing, while it is true that Toxel with natures that favor special attack directly or indirectly evolve into the low-key form, there is a way to get around this via the nature mints. Toxel evolves based on its nature prior to any exposure to mints, so you could totally give your jolly Toxel a timid mint and evolve it and you'll get a timid amped Toxtricity, or the other way around if you want a physical low-key Toxtricity

  37. So in VGC 2019 and SMOGON and stuff won’t have primal,megas and the other 500 or whatever Pokémon won’t be present?

  38. Cinderace naaaaah

  39. Cinderace best in design. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Its just a Stretched Scorbunny with clothes. Its design is lazy AF (And that comes from someone who thinks its the second best starter design after Rillaboom, which is my least favorite starter in Galar). At least with Inteleon and Rillaboom, you see natural progression in the line, while the Scorbunny line is just – Scorbunny – Bigger Scorbunny with Clothes – Even bigger Scorbunny with Clothes. When it appeared next to Hop, my initial thought was: Who is that character? I have never seen it, is that a new rival? It took me 2 minutes to realize that it was Cinderace, which is not good if a starter gives off that vibe.

    Inteleon is the best starter (And no, not in design, since that is Rillaboom). Its the best starter in battle.
    Inteleon: 85 attack – 125 Special Attack – 120 Speed
    Cinderace: 116 attack – 65 Special – 119 speed.
    Inteleon outclasses Cinderace in terms of attacking prowess big time, especially since the defense and special defense of Cinderace is only 75 BP (Ten more than Inteleon, but it doesn't hurt Inteleon that much, since Inteleon is faster), meaning most of the time, Cinderace gets one shotted by Inteleon before it can bring a hit in.

    Its called Football. Soccer doesn't exist.

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