Top 10 BEST McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys EVER!!! (Part 2)

A list of the top 10 best McDonald’s Happy Meal toys ever part 2. Included is a small toy with the food, and usually contained in a red cardboard box with a yellow smiley face and the McDonald’s logo.
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It’s time to get happy! Let’s get the party started by taking a look at some of the coolest McDonald’s Happy Meal toys of all time. While taste is definitely subjective, it’s safe to say that these cute and charming toys were beloved by kids. Some adults collected them, too. So let’s have a blast with the Top 10 Best McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – part 2. All Happy Meal toys are made exclusively for McDonald’s by McDonald’s own safety-approved suppliers. They’re not “off-the-shelf” toys made by anyone else. A “Happy Meal” is a kids’ meal usually sold at the American fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s since June 1979.
When you are looking to feed the kids, look the no further than the legendary happy meal. If you enjoyed this list of the top 10 best happy meal toys ever part 2. Then comment: #mcdonalds #happymeal #toys
0:26 Halloween McNugget Buddies Were Cute
1:51 LEGO Movie Cups Featured Bold Graphics
2:54 Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers Were Adorable
4:18 Hot Wheels Cars Were So Classic
5:48 Super Mario Toys Were Beloved
7:04 Halloween Pails Were Whimsical
8:12 Tiny Toons Flip Cars Were Comical
9:38 Barbie Dolls with Brushable Hair
10:58 Mighty Duck Pucks Were So Cool
12:05 Garfield Vehicles Were In Demand
– Halloween McNugget Buddies were cute little plastic toys that looked just like chicken nuggets.
– In 2014, McDonald’s brought out a range of vibrant and colorful cups with logos, graphics and characters from The LEGO Movie.
– Fans of Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers cartoon chipmunks rejoiced, and some fans may have thought back to the good old days, when they played with Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers from McDonald’s.
– McDonald’s has thrilled kids by offering Hot Wheels toy cars in its Happy Meals, including 2015’s Team Hot Wheels Collection. The
– Super Mario Brothers McDonald’s Happy Meal toys were so mesmerizing. These iconic Happy Meal toys were offered during the 90s.
– Halloween pails with cookie cutter lids were fun Happy Meal toys that were safe for kids ages one and up.
– Tiny Toons were cute and active characters that really appealed to children.
– McDonald’s has offered a lot of Barbie-themed toys over the years.
– A group of 7 Mighty Ducks pucks surfaced in 1997, when Happy Meals were more popular than ever before.
– Garfield Happy Meal toys were very appealing. McDonald’s released toy Garfields riding Big Wheels-style bikes, skateboards, and scooters.
📺 Top 10 BEST McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys EVER!!! (Part 1)
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  2. I was annoyed by those Halloween pails..

  3. What was your reaction when McDonald’s and other fast food companies were discontinuing kids meal toys?

  4. I remember the pals one XD

  5. Omg I love HAPPY MEALS not because of the toy but food as well when your not as hungry ~

  6. The diary of a wimpy kid survival guides should have been included

  7. I love McDonald's in Newport

    But I can't get any anymore

    Because I lost my car WITHOUT PERMISSION :')

  8. everyone=Mariobabbletop=Morio is what it sounds like

  9. Nintendo is my favourite happy meal line as a kid in the 2006 release , so much memories

    – the problem is i broke my mario hammer thingi 🙁

  10. Ronald looks almost just like Roy in melee

  11. That blonde girl dressed as a princess in the first toy video is the little sister from Smart House.

  12. they say 2014 but it says 90's

  13. Am I wrong but didn't McDonald's have The California Raisins in their happy meals at one time cause I remember them being very popular at one time

  14. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that McDonald's doesn't advertise their happy meals on tv anymore,is it because they don't want to be accused of pushing unhealthy foods on kids?

  15. If we’re talking about McDonald’s recess sonic led game Disney 100 toys 100 Dalmatians and many more

    If we’re talking all happy meals

    N64 hey Arnold Mario kart dragon ball z spongebob house party

  16. I used to have fry guys. So many memories.

  17. The transformer Hamburger should have been on the list

  18. I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world life is plastic its fantastic you cant touch me there ok that's all I got

  19. not to be rude or anyting but you said mario wrong

  20. I think Babble Top gets a big kick back from McDonald's, much as they talk about them. 😆🇺🇸😜

  21. Oh boy the insane nostalgia I got bye watching this

  22. The Halloween pails were on the list of the saddest happy meal toys. Which one are they? Best or saddest?

  23. I love tiny toons and mighty ducks

  24. Happy meal toys from McDonald's are pretty fun to play with! ¡🚗
    Room… There it goes❗ 🤣✌😀

  25. McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys !!!!!

  26. The greatest toys of all time love it 🙂

  27. Sees Mario and Luigi in the title.

    *clicks immediately*

  28. Love this channel

  29. You guys pronounced 'Mario' is 2 different ways. Why? It just sounds weird.

  30. i remember those McNugget Buddies toys, me and my neighbor friend had so many of these we used to just find creative ways to destroy them, we tried sending quite a few on bottle rocket moon adventures.

  31. I never ate at McDonald’s till I was 10

  32. Hi

  33. I had a toy Alladin Genie in a Lamp years ago in my Happy Meal when I was at my old school. Memories.

  34. Me: Mom look at my McDonald’s happy meal toy collection!!

    Mom: Son, you are a grown man. NOW SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR COLLECTION!!!!

    Me: 🙃

  35. Why you put 90s not 2014

  36. The best happy meal got was mario kart 8 deluxe

  37. McNugget buddies?
    Thats a good happy meal toy?

  38. I love super mario

  39. Where's the notif squad at? 😍😍

    love from a small youtuber x

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