TOP 10 BEST Lifestyle RUNNING Sneakers of 2019 (UPDATED)

Check out the sneakers featured in the video!

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

Adidas Solar Boost 19

Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

New Balance Fuelcell Rebel

Adidas Ultra Boost 19

Adidas Ultra Boost 20
Available 12/6

Nike Zoom Vomero 14

Saucony Triumph 17

Hoka One One Rincon

Nike Pegasus 36

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  1. I love your Chanel sooooo much because it helps figure out what sneakers I will buy and I say this because I was just about to get some running shoes. So thank you. 👍🏼

  2. What the F you telling me that there is no shoes under $100 that is between looking and Runing than your list your nuts

  3. Among these 10 recommended shoes, what's the best for running 20 km/week with pace 7? (Currently using Pegasus 35 & I'm not interested in Marathon)

  4. Mabuhay Seth🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  5. Top 10 in alphabetical order

    Adidas solar boost 19
    Adidas ultraboost 19
    Adidas ultraboost 20
    Hoka one one rincon
    New balance fuelcell rebel
    New balance fresh foam 1080
    Nike epic react flyknit
    Nike pegasus 36
    Nike zoom vomero
    Saucony triumph 17


  7. Mate. Throw On Running shoes a bone. They're expensive, but definitely worth it. Start with the On Cloud 50/50.

  8. the ultraboost 2020 looks kinda weird and funky maybe because of the heel pull thing is too straight

  9. Cant move on from flyknit racer flyknit trainer, why nike why

  10. Wait did you say that the ub 19 has a dual density boost midsole? I've never heard that before

  11. (Before finishing vid) my number 1: Nike joyride run Flyknit (my number 2 is the ultra boost 19)

  12. UB19 looks better than the 20s in my opinion

  13. None of the UA HOVR line???

  14. You missed out On running shoes! 👟Could easily be TOP of the list! 🔥🔥

  15. please do top 10 puma sneaker🥺

  16. Under armour with HOVR technology midsole are worth mentioning.

  17. You can get the ultraboost 2.0 on End

  18. मिस्टर प्रवेश लाल बिहारी

  19. when does ultra boost 2020 come out?

  20. U missed asics kayano

  21. Oh Neptune, a ginger beard.

  22. Seth fowler doesn't know shit haha

  23. These are all cool but I still wear black and white Flyknits. I think they're the best.

  24. follow me my babe love

  25. When weareunderdogs gives you a $50 coupon and Seth’s new sneaker is coming soon 👀

  26. The first fresh foams look like good running shoes but the very tall and fat midsole makes it look kinda weird for lifestyle

  27. Pretty good line up. That epic react is my fav. Love the little hits of pink and green.

  28. No video on the ”What the, Jordan 4”?

  29. Looking forward to the ultraboost 20 review and comparison to ub19

  30. Seems like the Pegasus Turbo 2's didm't make the list….

  31. One of my favorite videos you have ever done Seth Fowler! I truly appreciate you talking about so many quality brands this time around. This is a market for videos that are about more than hype releases.

  32. Agree with the Hoka! Theres something really appealing with the way it looks.

  33. @t check out the free discord server, best updates to cook all the hype drops

  34. They all kinda look ugly and nerdy tho.

  35. What about adidas 4D sneakers

  36. Most of the shoes I see these days have the same formula.
    A pillow underneath and a sock like upper.
    What happened to the solid shoes of old with rubberised soles(with support) and a solid upper not made of cloth?
    If I see those would buy two pairs immediately.

  37. I’m an Adidas boost fan but that NB1080v10 look unique and cool. I really want one in red n white.

  38. What's up Seth! Who won the Jordan 4 Winter?

  39. Gotta get hip to them "on clouds". Super comfy. And great to work out in. And chill in.

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