Top 10 Best LGBTQ+ Coming of Age Movies

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These films teach us lessons we’re happy to learn over and over again. When it comes to coming of age movies, these LGBTQ movies do it best! For this list, we’re looking at coming of age films that feature gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or otherwise queer protagonists. However, we won’t be considering movies like “Brokeback Mountain,” which have certain elements of a coming of age story, but because the characters are older it can’t really be considered a coming of age film. Join MsMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Best LGBTQ Coming of Age Movies.

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  1. blue is the warmest colour is a trash movie that was made for heterosexual men and abused its actresses, but go off

  2. I don't like "love Simon" it's the most awkward movie I have ever watched, what's that ending gush, soooooooooooo awkward

  3. Margarita with a straw!! Gotta watch Indian movies as well!!

  4. Call me by your name is Iconic fight me

  5. My Private Idaho most definitely a must watch.

  6. please keep your videos shorter. they don't need to be so long

  7. Top 10 most "POPULAR" coming of age lgbt movies.

  8. Beautiful thing…great movie and groundbreaking for it's time

  9. Love, Simon made me BALL my eyes out. By far my fav!!! But im glad Moonlight and CMBYN got recognition. Def all my top 3.

  10. How dare you not include Saved, Latter Days, or Boy Erased!
    Those are the best 🏳️‍🌈 movies hands down!

  11. why was call me tour your name not number 1? that movie was groundbreaking and such a beautiful movie!

  12. Boy Culture will never be in some of these lists, but it can get a shout-out like this for those who haven't seen it yet.

  13. my best friend, jongens, and closet monster

  14. MsMojo, you should do the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World.
    My picks are:
    Number 10: Alaska
    Number 9: Mont Tremblant National Park
    Number 8: Ranthambore National Park
    Number 7: Iceland
    Number 6: Vanoise National Park
    Number 5: Nunavut
    Number 4: Patagonia
    Number 3: Greenland
    Number 2: Mongolia
    Number 1: Siberia

  15. Gods own country is considered coming of age? Good film just didn't think of it as coming of age.

  16. LGBT. Q+? You forgot the S for stupidity.

  17. How did Call Me by Your Name surpass Love Simon??? Love Simon is more relevant, realistic and is one of the few LGBTQ films with a happy ending

  18. God's own country and call me by your name is the best for ME. 💙

  19. I watched call me by your name the other night and I started crying at the end I won't it 2 go on but it ended gape they make another 😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💞💞💞💞💞

  20. It's heartbreaking! … They made it so easily, but in real life it's so damn hard to find the proper partner for your behavior & then it's hard to keep him close, to maintain the harmony between mates!
    Will not watch these movies, because I will drown further into anxiety & depression!

  21. If anyone wants another gay coming of age movie to watch, ‘mi mejor amigo’ is pretty unknown but I would recommend you watch it:)

  22. Shelter and get real. You’re welcome 😊

  23. Honestly call me by your name or love Simon could have easily gotten 1st but although I have not seen moonlight yet so idk

  24. how about center of my world???

  25. No "Shelter" on the list?

  26. North Sea Texas would have been my #1

  27. I'm right before the #1 shows, I already guessed that it will be moonlight, cinematography on point 💪

  28. my favs are gods own country, call me by your name and than also fair haven and the way he looks.. have to still watch moonlight though

  29. "In Gods own country" all you can say is its "muddy backdrop" Jesus Christ

  30. How about "insert LGBTQ+ film not mentioned here". Saves you scrolling down.

  31. Excuse me, but where was Boy Erased???

  32. How about SKAM FRANCE SEASON 3??

  33. But here is my top 4
    Call me by your name
    Love of siam

  34. like 7/10 of these were white gay men but what else was i to expect

  35. "The Way He Looks", "Hidden Kisses", "North Sea Texas" and "Jongens (Boys)" say hello! Not even an honorable mention??? Somebody didn't do a proper research 😤

  36. love simon is simply the best of them

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