Top 10 BEST Guns in Modern Warfare

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Top 10 BEST Guns in Modern Warfare


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  1. TTK is rough in this game so there are a lot of options with guns right now. How did you like my list?

  2. Would be a great gift for my son!!!!

  3. 2:20 are we not gonna talk about that insane no-scope?

  4. I want to win the PS4 because I gave mine to my 10 year old nephew. I love playing but I’m 31 so I wanted my nephew to experience gaming. Twitter: @kevinbertao

  5. I want to win the ps4 because i want to play mw🙂

  6. I need this ps4 so I can feed my children

  7. Wack list bro are we even playing the same game

  8. My PlayStation sounds like a jet engine… Twitter is @Andrew_Gibson27

  9. I really want to okay the new cod but haven’t upgraded to next gem yet

  10. I could really use a new ps4 mine over heats and has been through heck and I’m in college and a full time job @joshuat65963947. Had to make a Twitter 😂😂

  11. Boom boom and boom would love to win the PS4 just so I can give my mom my old one so she could use that to plays games she liked and watch Netflix on! My twitter handle is @Searccy thanks for the consideration!! Keep up the great videos!

  12. the m13 might not be number one but i think it should’ve been on the list. super easy to control, fire rate like a smg but it’s a assault rifle also has a good amount of damage !

  13. I really wish i could play more than like 3 games without crashing on xbox.

  14. M4 you say… Amen to that brother.

  15. I would want a new ps4 because my current ps4 is about to explode like no joke loll🥴

  16. I would love a PS4 so I could give my brother a present for Christmas and I wouldn’t have to buy one lol! Anyway awesome videos! My Twitter is


  17. the famas with the thermal scope though 🔥

  18. You guessed it: the M4.

  19. Id love to win a ps4. Idk if you had read my last comment on your previous videos but, I just wish I had one but my parents are struggling with stuff, and I sometimes get jealous of friends because i don't have one. I currently don't have twitter but I do have Instagram—> @mofo_robz

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