Top 10 Best Disney Movie Siblings

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We’d gladly build a snowman with any of these animated Disney movie siblings. We’re taking a look at our favorite siblings from animated Disney movies, and yes, we’re throwing Pixar in there, too. Whether they love each other or fight constantly, these siblings are the most iconic in Disney animated movies. MsMojo ranks the greatest animated Disney movie siblings. Who are your favorite Disney movie siblings? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. You forget Ursula and Morgana 😡😡😈

  2. Rebecca I love you so much

  3. I love lilo I’m already in my room

  4. Honestly at least Anastasia was able to change her ways. Drizella is just ugly on both the inside and the outside.

  5. Elsa and Anna perfectly interpret the relationship of sisters when one has a mental health issue (Elsa). My little sister could be the basis of Anna herself. She is selfless and strong and always fights for me and with me through my emotional/mental issues. Regardless of how many times I've let her down, she's always there to pick me up and help me push forward. My best friend and biggest supporter.

  6. How about a “Top 10 Warner Bros. Movie Siblings”?

  7. Kiara and Kion.

    How many siblings do you know that could inspire an entire team of writers and animators to completely tear apart the canon of one of their greatest intellectual properties and hobble it back together again just to try and explain why one of them didn't make an appearance in a direct-to-video sequel?

  8. Top 10 Best Live Action Disney Movie Siblings?

  9. do my Siblings please Abby and Gracie also cole Simon

  10. Anna and Elsa ahead of Dash, Violet, and Jack Jack? I'm sorry, siblings that put their lives on the line for each other should be number 1.

  11. No offense but any of the honorable mentions would have been a better choice over the Dalmatian puppies

  12. Sorry but Nani + Lilo >>> Anna + Elsa!!!
    Also, the Brother Bear brothers should have been a lot higher

  13. I love having a sibling. A young sister. This video was great to watch too. Keep it up.😊😊

  14. The Aristocats are top of my list….I love that scene in the cat flap lol

  15. Okay, I'm trying to hold it together, WHERE ARE JANE AND MICHAEL?!

  16. Marie: Ladies do not start fights but they can finish them.
    Me: I want that on a shirt. Also, I have four brothers so I know how annoying it is to deal with them, especially during fights.

  17. Marie:Cause I'm A Lady That's Why

  18. I have an older brother who I share both parents with and than an older half brother who I share a father with and I'm the youngest and and only girl.

  19. Everyone's saying how they always fight with their siblings but they still love them so much and I'm over here like "nah. my brother sucks"

  20. I know that Peter Pan is a classic, but the guy is a kidnapper!

  21. Lilo and Nani were robbed.

  22. 11:12 😠Oh my god! Lilo and Nani are like they're vehicle wrecked, getting hit by a big truck.

  23. Lilo and Nani deserve to be #1. Are u stupid or are u dumb? 🤦🏾‍♀️

  24. Nani and Lilo deserved number 1

  25. Anna and Elsa at number one? Totally didn't see that one coming (she said in a very sarcastic tone)

  26. I love that Brother Bear is aknowledged

  27. Are you serious watchmojo?!?!?! Lilo and Nani should have been number one!!! 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  28. I’ll take any one of those honorable mentions over Mufasa & Scar.

  29. They don’t mention Zeus & Hades being brothers in the movie. Sure it’s in the myths, but Hercules’s mother was a mortal not Hera. So any accuracies from the Greek legends is kind’ve out the window.

  30. I have 5 siblings, and I love that have such a big family, but let's be honest. No one can hurt you as much as much as a sibling can because no one knows you that well.

  31. I always related to Violet, Marie, and Wendy as a big sister to my brothers

  32. I immediately thought about Tadashi and Hiro. Their relationship is very real and it reminds me that I'd have loved to know my older brother, who died the day after he was born. I would have wanted to have a close relationship with him, even though he'd be a lot older than me. I love my big sister but I don't know what having a brother when you are a guy is like. But I love being the little brother anyway.

  33. <sarcasm>NOBODY could see that #1 pick coming! At least I didn't…. Oh I feel stooooopid now……
    Perhaps I can better LET IT GO!</sarcasm>

  34. I may not have siblings, but I have tons of cousins. My mother has ten siblings and my father six, so you do the math.

  35. If there's going to be a live-action remake of The Aristocats , my immediate choice of who should voice Duchess is Clémence Poésy.

  36. I thought Nani and Lilo would be number one I guess not but I'm happy that Elsa and Anna are #1 they have strong sister bond that couldn't be broken even though Nani and Lilo should be at the top number one for being closer.

  37. I actually forgot about Elsa and Anna and wanted Nani and lilo to be number one but tbh in my opinion I really think they’re equally the best siblings

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