Top 10 Best Boss Arenas in the Souls Series

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After ranking the best bosses in dark souls and remastering the best, worst, hardest, and easiest bosses in the souls series, I thought it’d be fun to rank the best and worst areas in Souls with you all submitting your votes. And so we did. Then someone suggested ranking the worst and best boss arenas in the Dark Souls series and I thought…why not?

It was a bit of a weird ranking to try and split what I think about a boss vs. the arena it’s in, but it was a lot of fun to work out. I hope you enjoy the video, and if you do, be sure to subscribe for more top 10’s, boss rankings, and other great gaming content.

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  1. I am immensely hyped for Death Stranding and excited to keep churning out the Metal Gear Solid boss rankings, but wanted to round back and finish the boss arenas for Souls! Hope you enjoy, and be sure to install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program!

  2. With German you are not fighting for your live, instead he's fighting for you to not be a slave.

  3. Sword saint isshins arena is a combination of gehrman and gael arena

  4. Yeah I agree soul of cinder and slave knight Gael are just


  5. I love how Gael's arena is so big that Shira's arena is inside of it

  6. Kos and Master Gundyr (most epic 1vs1 setting)

  7. M I D I R

    In the souls trilogy, that thing has to be my favorite boss arena … probably favorite boss too.

  8. Mine is definitely Lothric’s hall alongside with the music it is just perfect for me. The second would be Corrupted Monk and the third is Midir probably

  9. Gehrman 's boss music is far better than isshins so he has the edge over isshin

  10. Prowling magus an congregation best Arena

  11. Looking Glass Knight honorable mention?

  12. I feel like Divine Dragon should've been here instead of Gyoubou, but that's just me.

  13. I think the abyss watchers is definitely one of the best arenas!

  14. I honestly feel like Pursuer should have been an end game boss… I mean I saw him once, that ain't really pursuing now, is it?

  15. Sif’s arena is just purrfect

  16. Finally Isshin isn't #1 anymore

  17. No bloodborne boss arenas???!!! Ok German is special but…

  18. Raid Shadow Legends SUCKS! Micro Transaction TRASH, it's about a 1/10 compared to Dark SOuls 10/10.

  19. Demod and vaati should do a collaboration

  20. Two-ish arenas that I feel deserve mention are the Dragon God arena from Demon Souls and the crypts from Code Vein.
    The Dragon God was trapped inside that colossium by people who both worshipped it and feared it, and the arena itself was not only created to be able to contain a God, but also to kill it. While how this is used in the fight is poor at best, it is still an incredible idea and if it had been done better it could have made for both one of the best arenas and fights from FomSoft.
    On the other hand, the cryps are all about the same thing with different details, and I find all of them to be amazing. The entire concept is that most Successors had to remain sealed away in their crypts because they were constantly at risk of frenzy. This becomes heartbreaking when you search their memories and discover their lives and motivations. From a woman who felt responsible for the situation inside the gaol, to a child wanting to keep his big sister safe, all the way to a man who has lost everything and has made it his sole purpose to keep the gaol safe from the horrors outside. And each crypt has seen it all. As you enter the crypt, you know that you will either save someone from their suffering, or finally giving them the release of death.

  21. Great list! Only thing I would question is how Executioners Chariot somehow topped Orphan, Midir, Lady Maria, Pontiff, Sir Alonne, Divine Dragon, Rom etc. I understand that it’s included as the area is somewhat functional but personally I just hate that fight haha

  22. is there any mods that you can make the Bosses fight each other?

  23. Divine dragon: Am I a joke to you?

  24. Artorias of the abyss and Slave Knight Gael are hardest

  25. So no Sir Alonne?


  26. sack busted tinder fuck…I'm actually crying.

  27. Orphan of kos should’ve have been on here instead of chariot

  28. I really enjoyed Sir Alonnes arena with the light peaking in and the reflective, shiny floor. It seemed like an eerie perch to watch the horrors of the iron keep be created.

  29. I'm surprised the fume knight from dark souls 2 it's boss arena has things that can heal it if you don't deal with them first along with his fighting style makes his fight a very rememberable one

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  31. dude … looking glass knight

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