Enjoy this look back at the Top 10 Badminton Rallies from throughout the history of the Olympic Games, featuring:

10 – Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) vs. Chen Long (China)
9 – Eng Hian & Flandy Limpele (Indonesian) vs. Ha Tae-Kwon & Kim Dong-Moon (South Korea)
8 – Tontowi Ahmad & Liliyana Natsir vs. Chan Peng Soon & Goh Lih Ying (Malaysia)
7 – Susi Susanti (Indonesia) vs. Bang Soo-Hyun (South Korea)
6 – Chen Long (China) vs. Boonsak Ponsana (Thailand)
5 – Ha Tae-Kwon & Kim Dong-Moon (South Korea) vs. Choong Tan Fook & Lee Wan Wah (Malaysia)
4 – Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) vs. Soren Opti (Suriname)
3 – Carolina Marin (Spain) vs. P.V. Sindhu (India)
2 – Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan (Indonesia) vs. Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong (Malaysia)
1 – Lin Dan (China) vs. Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia)

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    Who else does think at the middle of the video that this has the subwy surfers tune

  2. BGM( background music)
    isn't it from Subway surfer game

  3. 1:35 its not a good one, there are some good rallies in the match than this

  4. Ashutosh Mishra Reply

    Olympic channel coming for those Indian eyeballs with PV Sindhu in the thumbnail

  5. Dharu Kusuma Hady Reply

    That was so many brilliant rallies between Maria Kristin Yulianti against her opponents during 2008 Beijing OG!

  6. BestofBadminton Reply

    More Chen Long than Lin Dan? What kind of joke is this? Dislike

  7. Thank you for uploading 🙏🏻

    from badminton fan from Thailand 🇹🇭

  8. Kukuh Santoso Reply

    Kido and Hendra defense are out of this world…!!!
    That's so fast and accourate…!!!

  9. GEORGE LAJI MATHEW B.Tech ME 2016-2020 Reply

    Top ten clickbait of all time🤣🤣
    I wonder how many views it gets.😉

  10. Arpit Pradhan Reply

    Great work. I really appreciate that you brought this segment. But I think some of them weren't the great picks.

  11. Black Tiger's Badminton Channel Reply

    Fastest racket sport with speeds up to 493 km/h 🏸

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