Top 10 Badass Old Men in Anime

Today we’ll be counting down the top ten old badasses from anime and seeing exactly what makes them more than worth trying to get them to mentor we viewers as well. If you like the video please like and share. This list is just my opinion, so feel free to comment your list below. For more Top 10’s and anime related videos subscribe!

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  1. master roshi dragonball z

  2. Mutenroshi from dragonball is not on the list???

  3. are u kidding me ???why no Master Roshi??????

  4. I know she's a woman but Genkai had some of the best tournament battle victories of anime

  5. the owl in tokyo ghoul

  6. Forgot Zeno Zoldyck from HxH

  7. mothafuckka master roshi is the 1st and most powerful of those cunts

  8. Where is Mutenroshi ? The old man who raised one of if not the most powerful warrior / fighter in the entire anime universe ?

  9. Omni king.. lol hes older then the universe itself

  10. toriko anime have 4 badass old-timers.. setsuno, jirou, midora and iciryu

  11. you had some wack anime on this list

  12. i love Naruto but really Sarutobi was a joke in compare with all the Hokages

  13. How is inuyashiki ichirou from inuyashiki not here?

  14. Yamamoto would kill all 9 others alone.

  15. there you can see another example of a youtuber that doesnt watch anime , making anime videos knowing the (weeb) commuinity would watch it,
    example: Fairy Law is not a spell from Makarov himself actually this spell is from Zeref that he thaught mavis and thus became a part of one of the 3 grand fairy spells

  16. I know its not an anime, but every time i think about a badass old men, Heihachi Mishima from tekken comes directly to mind.

  17. where is doppo orochi from baki the grappler alias tiger

  18. You should have including old man character from Baki 2 and Kengan Ashura more badass characters you ever seen.

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