Things were looking so good, what happened?! For this list, we’re looking at movies with great opening scenes that failed to live up to their potential. Our list includes “The Cloverfield Paradox” (2018), “Prometheus” (2012), “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016), “The Happening” (2008), “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (2008), and more! What film got YOUR hopes up only to crush them by the credits? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Ayanna Brown Reply

    You knew this list was trash when you seen ghost ship on here😒😒do better..

  2. Marcos Nonato Reply

    "A John Travolta movie that it's bad?" THE SHAAAAAADEEE 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Kenneth Ferrari Reply

    Star Wars Episode 1 which had a great beginning, then Jar Jar Binks showed up.

  4. Slytherin Reviews Reply

    IJ and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was good cause Indy got Married at the end of it

  5. Benet Thomas John Reply

    I think instead of the spectre, it should have been quantum of solace. That opening chase scene with the Aston Martin and Alfa Romeos was the best car chases scenes in the entire James Bond movie franchise and everything went downhill after

  6. Thank you for including X-Men Origins: Wolverine as at least an Honorable Mention. First movie I thought of when I saw the title.

  7. jack watkins Reply

    The hobbit: battle of five armies is NOT a bad movie! You guys are just stirring now!

  8. Jason Williams Reply

    Halloween Resarection
    Starts great, but is horrible after the first 15 minutes…

  9. I know Batman vs Superman had it's issues, but how can you criticize the heavy use of cgi in action scenes while praising the Marvel movies as masterpieces when they do the same thing?

  10. Ryno Opperman Reply

    I seem to be that movie goer…
    That enjoyed Tomorrowland & Swordfish and yes also Waterworld

  11. Joseph Callahan Reply

    These are so bad, I had to stop at #3. Well, or terribly, done.

  12. The only thing good about the superman v batman movie wad the introduction of Wonder Woman. Her theme song and outfit was everything.

  13. Prometheus was quite good movie, just because u consider it as part of an alien franchise doesnt mean it is bad movie… cmoooon

  14. lol the battle of the five armies definitely did not release in 2004. come on, watchmojo. stop giving misinformation.

  15. How about bad movies with great music? I feel like you've done that already, I'm not sure.

  16. "A John Travolta movie that's bad, shocking!" Ma'am you are a douchebag.

  17. Joshua Reiss Reply

    Did you complain that bvs was to dark and full of cgi when Marvel movies are almost completely full cgi even the god damn suits. Bvs darkness is fine, it's not marvel.

  18. Norris Vaughn III Reply

    Let's not forget the title sequence for Spectre was pretty much tentacle porn

  19. stone1andonly Reply

    Here's a film theory that would totally make sense – Indiana Jones is John McClain's grandfather! Two of the most unkillable characters in film history must have some connective tissue somewhere!!

  20. Ketan Fernandes Reply

    When I saw this video I knew immediately Ghost Ship would make this list!!

  21. oh things that went downhill after the exuberant opening? MGSV (not 5)

  22. ChihuahuaDaddy Reply

    A big clue that the Happening is going tu suck? It stars Mark Wahlberg.

  23. Greyson Graham Reply

    I didn’t think Prometheus was amazing, but at mid 60s to mid 70s in critic and audience reviews between IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, it hardly qualifies as a “bad movie.” I get the need for a clickbaity headline though.

  24. ChihuahuaDaddy Reply

    Bad movies wth amazing intros – that is the perfect description of Die Another Day, but not Spectre.

  25. Robert Ofenloch Reply

    Top 10 bad movies. Says that Indiana Jones is a decent movie overall. LOGIC.

  26. matthew nitti Reply

    I would put the ballad of buster shrugs in this tbh, it had a really good first 30 mins then it was so boring after

  27. John Riddlebaugh Reply

    BATMAN V SUPERMAN may not be great but it did introduce Wonder Woman.

  28. Jorge Polanco Reply

    Tomorrowland, Prometheus, Spectre and battle of the five armies were good…. the happening on the other hand really is a bad movie

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