Top 10 Bad Guys Who Were Way Too Easy to Defeat

These bad guys went down way too easily! For this list, we’re looking at iconic movie villains who were defeated in disappointing showdowns. Our list includes the aliens in “Signs” (2002), Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012), Freddy Krueger in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984), Boba Fett in “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi” (1983), the Tripods in “War of the Worlds” (2005), and more! What big screen fight scene did YOU find way too easy for the heroes? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Yep, we goofed and accidentally said the wrong episode number for Return of the Jedi! Sorry for the mistake and thanks for catching it! The force is strong with our viewers, always!

  2. Bane wasn’t easy you idiots, Batman was defeated in combat the only reason why he won was because he used the bat mobile but of course you don’t know this because your knowledge sucks

  3. The fallen in transformers 2

  4. In first round, Bane took Batman down in his own turf, darkness. He exposed the secret R&D facilities. Bane knew what he was doing.

  5. The Amoeba Boys could have been criminal legends but were defeated by Townsville citizens washing their hands and thoroughly cooking food.

  6. Those were not aliens in Signs , they were demons & the water was holy water .

  7. Hey do a top 10 n words please

  8. Why are we assuming that the aliens in signs new that water would hurt them? They're aliens. Maybe they didn't know what water was.

  9. Achilles (Brad Pitt) in Troy killing the giant in first scene,how could you skip that

  10. I think its hilarious how people still get Signs wrong. They didn't come for the planet they came to take people. They were poisoning and taking away families. Yeah they didn't like water but they were desperate and trying to harvest us. We can't breath in outer space but we still go and even walk around on the moon. Hasn't stopped us. Just because they were harmed by water didn't mean they couldn't come to our planet.

  11. What about every bad guy in Ghost Rider?? No??

  12. I call bs on watchmojo adding Bane on the list

  13. Why was Venom on the list?

  14. For Bane, you basically said, "It wasn't easy to beat him, I just wasn't satisfied".

  15. When Hercules punched Hades, they were both gods.

  16. Didn't Mr. Freeze get done in by a Blow Dryer?

  17. Um bane broke the bat…

  18. Bane was garbage. Too short and spoke like a 90 year old man. Then at the end catwoman shot him and he was done. It was like, “All that build up for this?”

  19. Hercules in god form has 100x the strength he had as a demi-god lol

  20. They gonna put Bane on here but not Snoke? Are we still just not allowed to criticize the last Jedi without being called sexist racist man-babies?

  21. He broke the bat, how is that easy

  22. also there is the death of the Witch King of Angmar in lord of the rings

  23. It seems like The Wizard of Oz is #1 on any of these wm lists…

  24. Several mcu villains should be here

  25. What about Wesker from resident evil?!?!

  26. When you accidentally thought it was a video of top 10 TV villains with easy deaths and clicked thinking the Night King would be no 1

  27. Of course WatchMojo would miss the point with Tripods. Every weapon man threw at the aliens failed. Even the atomic bomb. But simple germs made by God succeeded. Orson Wells was preaching to his audience that God's power level is over 9000.

  28. The Arab swordsman wasn’t originally written like that. It was done spur of the moment and the crew thought it was funny enough to leave in.

  29. Sorry, WatchMojo, have you never seen Dr. No.

  30. Signs has no aliens only Demons and holy water. And the real bad guy in the wizard of oz is Glenda think about it she used Dorothy Gale as a pawn to discredit the wizard and to kill the wicked witch, proof you ask she know the ruby slippers would rather home from the start, and after Dorothy left who was left to rule oz why no one other than Glenda!

  31. 6:10 Batman did default Bane. Beat the hell out of him, but then he got knifed by Talia. Then Bane was about to finish off Batman when Catwoman showed up.

  32. I'm surprised the Batman vs Penguin fight at the end of Batman Returns was not mentioned, not even as an honourable mention. That has to be the most unbalanced end fight ever

  33. At last the girlfriend sees what hate you have of Gorro.

  34. No.1 every Doctor Who villain lol

  35. i had to rewind it! and it’s even there never the less in roman numerals: episode 6 return of the Jedi! 😂😂😂😂😂 yeah! watch mojo! it’s full of crap!😂😂😂

  36. bane death shouldnt be on here
    that set of movie was realistic
    they fought
    he broke bats back
    and got shot by canons made to take walls n stuff down

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  38. But in the original "War of The Worlds" story the aliens died from Bacteria so no surprise there. It wasn't something that Spielberg changed for the 2005 movie.

  39. #1 should've been Sauran's army from Return of the King

    All that fighting and dying and turmoil just to have an indestructible and invincible ghost army completely wipe them out in one fell swoop

    Such an anticlimactic end to that movie. Really ruined the whole trilogy for me

    Fight me

  40. Is no one going to say that she said the Star Wars title name wrong she said episode five not six lol

  41. Could it be possible that the alien from signs was just stranded and tryna get off the planet? Idk just throwing theories out there.

  42. dis agree with the Raiders choice. The villan paid the price for bringing a knife to a gunfight. Underestimate your foe=you die. Simple

  43. The Wicked Witch must have stunk. I mean, she couldn't even take a shower

  44. I feel Boba Fetts death was clumsily handled and strange. He misses the wrist shot Luke a mile off. I actually think the screaming and being eaten is absolutely fine, and kinda funny for the end of a notorious mercenary. But his jet pack kinda seems to malfunction for no reason. Han Solo barely nudged it with the skiff if at all. Yet he flies out of control to his death. Surely the best Bounty Hunter in the galaxy would have a fail safe? Does he not have contingency plans?

    I think it would have made more sense for Han Solo to have shot Boba's jet pack with a blaster whilst Luke was being aimed down Boba's sights (although I suppose that would be hard if he was busy saving Lando). Or perhaps better still have Luke cut up Boba Fett with his lightsaber earlier.

  45. did that guy just turn into a ballon wtf

  46. Hahaha you gotta be kidding me… 02:33 Is Signs the better movie from this guy… I dont even wanna know about the rest.
    FFS the plot is so dumb, it even out-dumbs Twi-light.

  47. LOL, alot of stupid scenes but Twi-light really is the most dumb. 02:25
    Showing how the fight will occur so that the opponent has an chance to avoid doing the very mistakes in the dream they saw… LMAO!

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