Top 10 Bad Games From Good Series

A bad game is one thing. A bad game in a good series stings so much more than a standalone title. Here’s 10 games that are bad from series that are otherwise good!


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  1. Are you a transgender now?

  2. Why didn’t you put Ride To Hell: Retribution on here which was a very horrible game?

  3. You think your life was suffering to the point wanted to die because of constantly enduring modern pop culture, I live in the country of Malaysia where the normal citizens are easily entertained to the point even the celebrities are refrencing and doing these cringy things I can't stand. And I'm still alive. But all seriousness, I get all your points and I love you roasting survive til it burned to nothing but ashes.

  4. Why would you eat uncooked noodles?

  5. Sonic 06. Story, Sonic falls for a Kairi reject.

  6. One of this days I'll have to play Other M and determine by myself how legitimate are the criticism done to the game.

  7. My top 3 in no order
    paper mario sticker star
    Pokemon ultra sun and moon
    And sly theaves in time that last one is THE worst NON CANNON fan fiction i have ever played

  8. I actually enjoyed Other M sure it wasn’t a Metroidvania game, but the gameplay was fun and the music was underrated. I can see why people hate it, especially the story, but for me there is much more to like than there is to hate.

  9. I think the worst games I have played from genuinely great series’ are Pokémon X and Y and Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, while not the worst video games I have played through trust me I have played much worse, but they were the weakest in their respective series, X and Y is way to easy and its villains are awful unless it’s the anime where they’re made more competent and badass and Nuts and Bolts genre shift that I’m not a fan of instead of fun platforming.

  10. Is it me, or at 0:11, he sounds like Trugreen7?

  11. in samus's defense, she has a childhood trauma about ridley, a completely normal human thing and his appearance was completely unexpected. it also expects players to have read the Metroid manga. I would not call it a bad game though, just different, personal observation has shown that a lot of bad games in good series are just different, and people hate change.

  12. I legit forgot that Survive was even a thing.

  13. It was never a matter of if Devil May Cry 2 would make the list. Only a matter of when.

  14. Bro you got a lisp…

  15. ok so so great vid overall, but your comment about Daikatana and Deus Ex coming from the same studio is wrong, while they where both made by the company Ion Storm Daikatana was made by their Dallas studio and Deus Ex was made by their Austin studio. (which was set-up to have a dev team that was removed from all the internal problems of the Dallas studio.)

  16. I feel sorry for the horrors you encounter (although I do admittedly have a soft spot for Megaman X6). Great video!

    How about I recommend two game series for you, Ar Tonelico and Alundra, two amazing JRPGs with great stories and characters. Just don't bother with the 3rd game of Ar Tonelico and the last Alundra game… they might've been contenders for this list.

  17. I remember thinking DMC2 couldn’t be that bad.

    I was wrong.

  18. Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3 were each created in the span of a year.
    X6 has zero excuse.

  19. While I can see why it didn't age that well, I had a lot of fun playing Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. Even today.

  20. Even though Metroid Other M clearly has problems, I still really enjoyed it. Gameplay was a ton of fun.

  21. People seem to diss Crash and Spyro GBA crossover titles to no end. I actually enjoyed playing those. Crash Boom Bang! on the other hand, EVERYBODY hates that game. Even me.

  22. Sonic free riders is worse.
    P.d. los dialogos en la parte donde aparece Nina Cortex están en spanish diologue. Saludos desde Argentina.

  23. hey don't you diss uncooked ramen.

  24. Btw, what do you think of Adachi being in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

  25. 7:22 Who the fuck holds a gun like that!? Especially considering this is a trained soldier.

  26. Cause we all make mistakes sometimes.

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