Top 10 Bad Animated Series Finales

Can we just erase these worst animated series finales from our memories? We’re looking at the worst endings in cartoons, considering shows both kid-friendly and mature. However, we’ll be excluding anime as they deserve a list of their own. WatchMojo ranks the worst animated series finales. What do you think is the worst cartoon finale? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. So they finally ended Fairly Odd Parents, realizing it lost it's luster some time ago? 🙂
    (Now can we do the same for the Spongebob show? It stayed sunk since after the first movie)

  2. You guys impress me, you picked the right choice for number 1. I really do consider it the worst one. I think Cleaved from Star should have been on here too.

  3. Shaq was bad at free throws that was the joke 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ 7 footers didn't shoot 3s like now

  4. Where's Cleaved. Not only it's the worst series finale in animated history but it's the worst episode in the entire series of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil besides Here To Help

  5. Nickelodeon why all the bad finales

  6. Meanwhile from Futurama should’ve been on the list

  7. the worst part is that the league of villains is probably a better ending than the potential endings (lady sings the news and best in the show). because at least it feels more like a final episode than the other 2. and sadly the 3 episodes feel like something out of the middle of the season. not the end

  8. Shaq had horrible free throws, he didn't shoot 3s

  9. THE LEAGUE OF VILLAINS WAS NOT THE JIMMY NEUTRON FINALE! There were TWO Jimmy/Timmy crossovers and 11 other episodes! This is what happens when you only look at the poorly edited NICK wiki!

  10. All Grown Up has the worst animated series finale.

  11. "All Grown Up" and "Fairly OddParents" both sucked.

    "If there is one demographic you do not want to piss off, it's an animated telecision show fanbase."

    Thank you, WatchMojo, for portraying all animation fans as immature mancbildren.

  12. I love these animated series finales!

  13. heres one for ya things change teen titans

  14. 10:31 “what a way to tarnish a show’s legacy”

    Really? It wasn’t John K’s personal discrepancies that tarnished Ren & Stimpy’s legacy but this episode? Yeah. Sure. Let’s go with that.

  15. thundercats reboot

  16. Is nobody gonna talk about how f$%*ed #1 was on the list? Stimpy, a male, is pregnant. Although, he was constipated, but still nasty as hell.

  17. Umm, SPOILERS MUCH? Thumbs down

  18. Let’s all be glad that shows like Avatar the Last Air Bender and Gravity Falls had amazing ending.

  19. I thought the finale for Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers was incredibly underwhelming, along with Star VS The Forces Of Evil, and Dreamworks Penguins of Madagascar.

  20. Road Rovers and Street Sharks

  21. What about Teen Titans (original) "Everything Changes"?

  22. I'll admit, the last Johnny Bravo episode was just another standard episode. Not a good way to end the series. But I will admit, at least we have the movie.

  23. After watching this video and reading through the comments, do you realize what this means?

    My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic had a finale that DIDN'T SUCK!

  24. Sonically ever After is tones of fun what's not good about it? The extra characters really up the ante. The only downside is Robotnik gets no real comeuppance in it. He just loses the wond and moans to his robots.

  25. What about a BEST series finale top 10? MLP, Phineas & Ferb and Avatar MUST be there.

  26. I think the finale and the movie for Drawn Together was intentionally supposed to be horrible.

  27. Sonic X ended on a cliffhanger much like Sonic Satam

  28. That was the series finale of Jimmy neutron? I thought the last one was when Jimmy and Cindy confessed they liked each other and kissed, must of been out of ordee

  29. What about Gumball's The Inquisition

  30. sees the last episode of jimmy neutron wait, didn’t power rangers in space do this first?

  31. Not every cartoon needs a happily ever after..

  32. Nobody on here that I REALLY care about, so it's not so bad.

  33. Technically the entire Adventures of Sonic the headgehog series was bad, not just the finale.

  34. Tails had boobs in that finale… o_O
    That doesn't help the gender confusion some people have with him.

  35. It’s interesting how both Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Boom alluded to another season that never came to be.

  36. As much as I loved the original Ren and Stimpy series, Adult Party Cartoon was just awful as a whole.

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